Guess the airline and aircraft!


ADAM AIR 737-400!!! I have heard about their crash.


Well nobody ever guessed mine. I might as well give it away


Yes youre right! I flew domestically around indonesia for the first time on that airline… i still remember the orange uniform of the FA… i wish qantas group actually bought that airline and bring the A320s though…


can I have a go? Got some good ones!


Sure,go ahead…


Guess Aircraft, livery, and airport


If u get this I’ll give u a harder one


Is it a fighter jet? If it is a fighter jet than i have no idea…


Yes but you can still guess the livery also this aircraft _Shows The Colors Of The USA


Also if u get the livery you also can see the photo location


I’m not american so i have no idea at all :)


Lol I’ll give you a new one guess the aircraft, livery/airline, airport, and bonus type of aircraft


For the first one, is it an F16?


YES!!DING DING!!! Any guesses on livery?


Maybe the American Air force livery?

As for the second photo, is that E-3 Sentry NATO livery?
Maybe Reno Tahoe airport?


No sir but really close and livery is correct


Wait Nvm you were correct


want another?
I got many more


Were you thinking of the AWACS?

Yes I’ll give another one a go.


this one?