Guess the airline and aircraft!


I don’t now if they do but wrong!
Hint!! It’s a Canadian airline!!
Way north dude;)


Is it a Harbour Air beaver?


Way north◀Biggest hint ever!!


Air Tindi DHC-6 Otter?


Nope! They already guessed the plane:) DHC-2


It was abit too hard. My fault!!
Answer is NorthWay Aviation DHC-2!!
I’ll go with a easy one!!


Wiz air A-320? That’s my guess


I’ll say a WOW air A320


Is it Peach air a320?


Yes it’s peach!!
Now your trun:)


I’ll go due to inactivity20180623_222555
Hint:It is a European airline


Air Tahiti uni A330(?)


It is an Air Tahiti Nui’s A340-300. How is ATN european?


Yes it is Air Tahiti Nui an A340… according to the internet it said it was French. Please correct me if I’m wrong coz I live in South Africa


Ok sorry, my geography just hit me. It is not European, my mistake. Although @Narruto_Mieumieu you got the aircraft and airline right so you can go


No, you are correct, it is French- Tahiti is a French territory.


I think you are right


Good luck!!


I’m gueesing it’s a helicopter since u posted.


I that really is a helicopter or as i belive it to be a Cessna, may i say to refrain from posting any pictures of a GA or Helicopter, anything that isn’t airline based. That means no Heli nor GA, Military works i would guess since they are operated by a government, they have a operator which is at a large scale unlike a singular pilot who flies a Cessna…

But if your picture is a airplane which also is an airliner then that’s fine, but highly doubt your to be that unless it’s some random charter flight that hops between islands…?