Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Cabin Version]


So Is it a 757-200 ?


No its an older aircraft the airline has already retired


Maybe it is an MD-88 ?


Sorry its not its bigger this is a hard one


I think it’s A300 or A310. Not sure which one though.


Wrong again😂 its a boeing aircraft


Pam Am B727? I think it is


United 727 because United is the only US carrier to have phones on the plane


Well if it’s Boeing and it’s not a 747 it’s a 767 or a 777 because it’s a twin aisle jet.

And because of the 2-3-2 configuration I’m gonna say it’s a 767.

But I have no idea about the airline. My only guess that It’s not American because they additional screens in the middle aisle.


Is it a US airways 767


It is a 767 but all the airlines you guessed is wrong


What if I told you its not a U.S carrier😉


I give up. I can start to google each and every former 767 carrier now. But I have better things to do. Like… Ok, I don’t. But can you give us another good hint or something?


If im not mistaken thats an old air canada 767(200?) cabin


YES!! Good job you got it right!!! @Georgel997


It was the old air canada 767 200 cabin


Ok, here’s mine. You’ll find the credits in the picture. Don’t google though. That’s not fun.


Maybe the Breitling Super Connie…


Yippie, correct! So, now someone can bring a challenging picture again.


You may see why I chose this…