Global Flight - The Log Book




Cruising through southeastern Georgia

Entering Florida



Just finished KIAH-LTBA with Laura sitting at the gates while I landed! I did this flight with @jrraviation, but he didn’t wake up to descend. Legend has it, he’s still flying, under the mysterious callsign of…NJRR20…really, check liveflight.


Lengend has it that he just landed O_o


How?!! Where? I thought you were a goner!


IST…omg laura just spawned in


She’s been there lmao, she saw my butter landing


Try some Squeeze Parkay instead next time…it might grease your landing a little better !!!


How do you make those flight plans?


In this flight, I circled the globe twice with varied speed. The flight began at KRFD and ended at RJST, with several refueling stops.This was done in the boeing freighter livery B748F.

Final flight time - 70 hours 4 minutes.


Wow 70 hours 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯


Just coming into Manchester after a rapid trip flying a TUI 787 from Bermuda at only 5hrs!


I just finished my second RTW flight, this time using cargo aircraft only and routes they fly. Total flight time was 33 hours.


I did an approach into Malta Intl. Airport with an engine 3 failure. There are some crazy winds and turbulences at the moment which made this task pretty challenging.

Great flight, though.


“Failure“ :D I kinda like that


Yeah, I know. At least it’s a simulated failure, isn’t it? :D


I’d suggest posting one or two pics here and the rest in Best IF Photos 😉

Otherwise, I loved those pics, especially the very first departure 👍


It’s actually better to post more pics here than in Best IF photos. Not everybody here posts pics; some may just post a flight plan. In Best IF photos, everybody posts pics, and each pic costs FDS 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰


Where was the photo with the mountain taken?


Looks like he took it at Mt. Fuji, I could be mistaken though.