Global Flight - The Log Book


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Frankfurt to New York (A380)


Flight Time : 480 min.
Fuel Tank: 270,550 lbs
Passengers: 600 (102,000 lbs)
Cargo: 36,000 lbs
T O C >> 5046N/718E << FL340 (0.85 M
T O D >> 4124N/7148W << FL340 (0.85 M)


EDDF DF149 MTR ODAGA KUSOM GUBAX RAVKI 5034N/732E 5040N/726E OBOKA 5046N/718E 5052N/658E TINIK 5108N/607E TORNU EVOSA 5111N/546E NIK DENUT LUMEN BULAM DIBLI RAPIX 5127N/200E 5128N/153E TEBRA KOPUL 5134N/58E 5136N/38E GILDA LAM CPT KENET 5134N/143W DIKAS STU SLANY 5209N/550W MALOT 5260N/1500W 5400N/2000W 5408N/2058W 5445N/2636W 5500N/3000W 5460N/3000W 5506N/3460W 5500N/4000W 5419N/4738W 5400N/5000W NEEKO 5137N/5700W 5102N/5753W 4825N/6150W 4459N/6702W 4454N/6709W 4356N/6930W 4333N/7021W ENE 4249N/7055W PVD 4124N/7148W TRAIT PARCH CCC 4041N/7302W 4040N/7324W JFK KJFK


Airline: Air France
Aircraft: DC 10
Flight time: about 1hr 10 minutes
Cruising altitude: 35,200 ft
Here are some highlights of the flight

Above is the departure out of LFPG

Above is the final descent into Dublin Intl airport

And Air France has arrived at its final destination at around 3:41 pm.

Overview of flight- We had a very nice departure out of Charles de Gaulle airport in France. We did a quick hop over to Dublin which was about a 1 hour and 10 minute flight. This is a nice route to fly if your in a hurry or just feeling like a casual calm flight. We had around 215 passengers today on board our flight. There were two passengers who were transferred on to our flight due to them missing their flight earlier that day. Overall it was a pretty smooth flight to Dublin just a tiny bit of turbulence over the English Channel. The arrival was amazing the landing was as smooth as butter and probably by far my best landing yet. Anyway I would definitely recommend this route if your tired and just trying to have a calm non stressful flight. Anyway just got cleared through security and gonna go have some fish and chips at the local shop. Goodnight my fellow pilots and air traffic controllers. Wether your getting ready for takeoff, on your final descent, cruising high above the sky, or guiding the pilots to safety in the tower, I wish you good luck wherever you are in the world :)


Flight log



Parked at NZNS

Departing NZNS

Crusing light winds

Descending into NZWN

On final NZWN from the north

Parked at NZWN sounds air park

Route taken


KORD (Chicago O’Hare) to LTBA Istanbul Int’l
**Suggested Airline / Livery **_ Turkish Airlines 777 - 300er_


Want to view my completed, ongoing and upcoming flights? View here in Google Sheets.

Deutsche Lufthansa Flight LH-762

from EDDM Munich, Germany
to VIDP Delhi, India

Distance: 3186 nm
Duration: 6 hr 14 min
Real-life Aircraft: Airbus A350-941 (D-AIXF)

Norwegian Air Shuttle Flight DY-1784

from ENGM Oslo, Norway
to LPMA Funchal, Portugal

Distance: 1982 nm
Duration: 4 hr 12 min
Real-life Aircraft: Boeing B737-8JP (LN-NGC)

Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight SV-21

from OEJN Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
to KJFK New York, United States

Distance: 5521 nm
Duration: 11 hr 48 min
Real-life Aircraft: Boeing B777-3FGER (HZ-AK40)

FedEx Express Flight FX-49

from PANC Anchorage, United States
to RCTP Taipei, Taiwan

Distance: 4060 nm
Duration: 8 hr 48 min
Real-life Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas MD-11F (N618FE)

United Airlines Flight UA-255

from KDEN Denver, United States
to KGEG Spokane, United States

Distance: 725 nm
Duration: 1 hr 44 min
Real-life Aircraft: Boeing B737-924ER (N66803)

EgyptAir Cargo Flight MSX-525

from HECA Cairo, Egypt
to UUDD Moscow, Russia

Distance: 1544 nm
Duration: 3 hr 13 min
Real-life Aircraft: Airbus A330B4-622RF (SU-GAS)

China Southern Airlines Flight CZ-3104

from ZBAA Beijing, China
to ZGGG Guangzhou, China

Distance: 1016 nm
Duration: 2 hr 25 min
Real-life Aircraft: Airbus A380-841 (B-6137)

LATAM Brasil Airlines Flight JJ-4730

from SBSL São Luís, Brazil
to SBGR São Paulo, Brazil

Distance: 1258 nm
Duration: 3 hr 05 min
Real-life Aircraft: Airbus A321-231 (PT-MXJ)

Northern Air Cargo Flight NC-1781

from PADG Red Dog, United States
to PANC Anchorage, United States

Distance: 527 nm
Duration: 1 hr 25 min
Real-life Aircraft: Boeing B737-232 Advanced F (N320DL)


Live Now OEJN - OMDB! :D


Doing RKSI-RJCW now! Track my flight below:

Have flown from WSSS-VVTS-VHHH-RKPC for the last few days only on B737. Will be flying RJCW-UHSS for a short re-fuel and then continue my B737 transpacific flight.

Anyone have flown the Pacific Ocean on a B737 before? Which airport is the best for me to re-fuel halfway and then continue to North America? Perhaps Cold Bay?


Best…waypoint…ever! 😜


I‘m currently flying a very special route. There are no borders on the map. So let me just draw an own one.

Call Sign, as always: MCH-98


Could you send the coordinates please?
(If that’s ok with you…)


I‘ll write you a PM.


Thank you so much Marc!


I flyed EGLL -> YSSY and it took about 20h and i think i could have easyly flyed to new zealand (I used 772f)


i tried doing a flight arround the world with the vc 25 but my app crashed when the flight time is 26hours


LHR - AMM (London to Amman)
5 hours in Royal Jordanian 787-8

After our night departure from London, we began speeding towards the sunrise:

Caught up to the sunlight above Athens:


You can easily copy and paste this entire text below into Infinite Flight and it will recognize the waypoints. Do not worry about the explanations, they won’t be picked up by IF.

TIME: 74-min - Fuel: 60448-lbs - PAX: 63240-lbs [372] - Cargo: 22320-lbs - FL370 (0.85M)
DEPART: RKSI SEL 3719N/12707E 3708N/12727E 3701N/12738E 3651N/12757E 3643N/12810E 3638N/12820E
T O C : 3637N/12821E
CRUISE: 3620N/12851E KPO 3556N/12949E SAPRA 3549N/13043E KABKI PEPOS MIHOU
T O D : 3530N/13310E


KLAX-RKSI [ A380800 ]
Los Angeles(USA) - Seoul(South Korea)
TIME: 756-min ( 12:36 ) - Fuel: 413,988-lbs - PAX: 63,240-lbs [372] - Cargo: 22,320-lbs - FL340 (0.85M)

DEPART: KLAX 3403N/11907W
T O C : 3445N/11937W
CRUISE: 3540N/12023W 4013N/12407W 4240N/12700W 4243N/12611W FULMR FASEL 5100N/14000W 5201N/14211W 5500N/15000W 5546N/15339W 5657N/15839W 5709N/17014W CREMR PINTT 5525N/18241W ONEIL NYMPH 5203N/16401E 5140N/16339E NRKEY NIPPI 4942N/15920E 4945N/15900E 4626N/15322E NOGAL 4224N/14729E NANNO NODAN ASTER 3808N/14055E FINCH YONEX GT15A GTC TATAM IGOBI KAMSA ANDOL 3740N/13300E SABET TENAS 3741N/13016E 3741N/12945E KAE 3741N/12835E KARBU 3729N/12723E SEL
T O D : 3725N/12656E
ARRIVE: 3720N/12636E 3717N/12624E 3715N/12618E 3714N/12611E 3715N/12606E 3716N/12602E 3719N/12556E 3723N/12552E 3732N/12611E RKSI


TIME: 67-min - Fuel: 16414-lbs - PAX: 40630-lbs [239] - Cargo: 14340-lbs - FL340 (0.78M)
T O C : 4123N/7113W
T O D : 4101N/7226W