Global Flight - The Log Book


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All my decent sized flights
KMSP-KATL B788 (testing out Global)


Flights for 18 December 2017:

United Airlines Flight UA-1048

from KEWR New York, United States
to MMUN Cancún, Mexico

Distance: 1346 nm
Duration: 3 hr 19 min
Real-life Aircraft: Boeing B737-924ER (N62889)

Qatar Airways Flight QR-234

from UUDD Moscow, Russia
to OTHH Doha, Qatar

Distance: 1907 nm
Duration: 4 hr 12 min
Real-life Aircraft: Airbus A321-231 (A7-AIB)

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So, another two weeks of exciting global flying, with the release of the update and shiny new ATC schedules, I can’t even remember regions. I don’t think anyone can.

Memphis (KMEM) - Detroit (KDTW)

A nice short route for FNF, interesting taxi from the runway to the gate at DTW.

Miami (KMIA) - Milan (LIMC)

8 and a half hour long haul to Italy. Recommended as the descent above the alps and into the flat terrain after that is truly spectacular.

Milan (LIMC) - London (EGKK)

Another short flight with a scenic cruise over Switzerland and Germany and a nice descent to Great Britain.

Edinburgh (EGPH) - Amsterdam (EHAM)

A 1 hour flight on the A320 with a nice departure from Scotland and landing at Schiphol.

Hanoi (VVNB) - Ho Chi Minh City (VVTS)

90 minute domestic flight on the 789. Quite scenic at moments, lovely livery.

Riyadh (OERK) - Dubai (OMDB)

Another gulf short haul on a heavy. Lovely cruise over the sea and approach to Dubai, as always.

Hong Kong (VHHH) - Sydney (YSSY)

As part of an event organised by @Kyle.Plane, I flew to Australia from Hong Kong. A nice long haul, but the event was the highlight of the flight.

New Orleans (KMSY) - Fort Lauderdale (KFLL)

In the middle of the chaos of the iOS update release, I flew a short domestic flight in the JBU A320. Nice, short, lovely departure, and good ATC on arrival.

Washington D.C. (KIAD) - Boston (KBOS)

I must’ve been the only stupid guy not flying the DC-10 or MD-11, but still a nice route, not even an hour long. Boston Airport is amazing too.

Queenstown (NZQN) - Auckland (NZAA)

Lovely departure from Queenstown, if you haven’t flown there yet, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.

Los Angeles (KLAX) - Dallas (KDFW)

Lovely morning departure from LAX, and great approach to DFW on the reliable 787. Great flight.

Nairobi (HKJK) - London (EGLL)

Another great long haul from Kenya to Heathrow, with a great variety of landscape.

Paris (LFPG) - London (EGLL)

Very short 40 minute cross of the channel, but enjoyable non the less.

Failed Flight

Karachi (OPKC) - London (EGLL)

This was planned to be my first real trijet flight, but my iPad had other plans. The app crashed while cruising over Belgium. (though, to IFs defence, this is my first app crash since global came out). Karachi Airport isn’t edited, so if you’re looking for that look elsewhere.

Istanbul (LTBA) - London (EGLL)

A 3 and a half hour flight on the amazing 77W, offering all kinds of views and landscapes. Recommended.

Guatemala City (MGGT) - Miami (KMIA)

This was my first real DC-10 flight. A spectacular departure from Guatemala City’s La Aurora Airport with a nice cruise over the sea. Very recommended, especially the departure.

Miami (KMIA) - Houston (KIAH)

My first visit to Houston, on the CLX 748. A 2 hour flight, great excuse to use the 747 without flying for 10 hours.

Frankfurt (EDDF) - Tokyo (RJAA)

A 10:30+ hour flight, great overnighter. The 787 is by far the bets aircraft for long haul flights.

Manila (RPLL) - Hong Kong (VHHH)

My first real MD-11 flight. Nice short flight with a great approach to HKG. The Philippines don’t have HD scenery, but it’s still a good flight.

So, does anyone remember pre-global. Because I certainly don’t.
And to everyone who is thinking about buying pro: If you don’t buy it, you’re missing out on a whole world of stuff. Literally.


Los Angeles to Las Vegas
United 737-900
50 Minutes of flight time
FL320 Max (Short Flight)


Alps is spelt wrong. I take offense



This pic. Nuff said. Taken on April 19, 2016


How long did it take you to do that many flights?


That specific post is flights that I did between November 28 and December 18.



Flight Time: 8 hours

Route: EGLL 2907N/4511E 2644N/5106E 2528N/5459E 2528N/5459E 2526N/5503E 2524N/5506 PUTGA DXB35 R1800 R1801 OMDB

Suggested Plane A380 Emirates as Emirates 2, 777-300 Emirates as Emirates 2642, 747 British Airways as British 107, 777-300 British Airways as British 105, A340 Virgin Atlantic as Virgin 400, A380 Qantas as Qantas 2

Why you should fly this route Beautiful scenery and cool approach into Dubai

Photos from the flight



Johanesburgo (FAOR) - Mauritius Island (FIMP)

I made this flight this afternoon. A good route. I left Johannesburg, crossed Madagascar, and finally arrived on Mauritius.

SUGGESTED PLANE: A340-600 South African Airways



They are all very short flights


Dallas Fort Worth to Puerto Vallarta
American 737-800
Over the fog layer

Beautiful Approach

I head to MMPR twice every year so I knew the area. Although, we never use American anymore, just Delta our of ATL. Anyways, this route was a flashback to flying American, and I always love the Approach into MMPR!


Southwest flight 3999

Hello! Today I am going to give you a tripreport of my flight from Lubbock to Las Vegas!

After watching our aircraft arrive at Lubbock, I decided to walk around the terminal and see what I could find. I only got about 10 minutes whenever I heard that my flight was already starting to board, so I hurried to the terminal to get on my flight. Luckily I wasn’t to far away so I didn’t have to walk as much, once I got there I got into the jetbridge (after showing my ticket), and got into the aircraft, which was a Boeing 737-7H4. I was then able to get to my seat, put my carry on in the overhead bin, and sit back and relax for a good hour. As we were taxing to the RWY I was able to get a picture.

We reached the RWY at about, oh I would say 1:20 local time. For some reason though we weren’t taking off. We sat on the RWY for about 5 minutes. That was when the FA got on the speaker and told us that everything was sorted out and that we would be taking off any second now. Just as she finished announcing that, we started are takeoff roll. Finally after waiting for about 5 minutes, we were on our way to Las Vegas!

After we reached cruising altitude, the FA’s came around and asked if we wanted any snacks/drinks. Of course I had to ask for some peanuts and some water! They were great aswell! As I was eating I was able to enjoy the beautiful view while eating some delicious peanuts!

I was just getting comfortable whenever the “Seat Belts On” sign came on. I buckled my seatbelt and got ready for the descent into Las Vegas. On approach we had some great views on approach. They were so good that I accidentally forgot to take photos lol. While on short Final we were landing right next to a Delta B757. It was cool to see that! Our landing was pretty smooth overall, but could’ve been better. After that we taxied to the gate and started to deboard the plane. The flight lasted about and hour and fifteen minutes.

Overall the flight was excellent! Don’t know where I am headed yet, but be on the lookout for a new tripreport in the near future! Hope you all enjoy!


I flew a md11f Martinair from LIRF-EIDW. I was watching my phone and wouldn’t let anyone go near my phone just for the game to glitch when I was approaching Dublin. The whole ground turned black and the scene dry was very blurry. I could not see the ground as the whole screen turned black and it said crash. Never had te problem before and I’m very dissapointed


I had that happen too. EWR-YVR the ground turned black during my final into YVR. I just locked into the localizer and followed it all the way down, trusting that the ground would be there. It was, and I made a landing without seeing the runway


Wow that must of been real hard. I think I came in a little to short and the game started to glitch bringing my plane up and down as if it was rubber banding. I was really upset because I wanted to complete my first md11 flight but I guess I will next time


Did a 3 hr cargo run from Miami to Quito with @DeerCrusher in a Centurion Cargo MD-11F, the scenery was stunning and I had an awesome time flying with such an awesome person, snapped a some shots over the Cuba & the rest of the Carribean


Had a horrible approach, my right gear collapsed as i smashed on to the runway hard as I bouned the landing because there is a hill at the very short final for RWY 36, some elevation fixing must be done, If you want to go to Quito I suggest approaching 18 so you dont end up looking like Joshua Smithley.

Hope to log more flights, and as always…
“Warm Regards, 305”


Yes, for those going into SEQM, take heed of the RWY36 approach end. You’ll thank us later. 😅


Just finished the famous BA1 route from London City to JFK via Shannon


Rio de Janeiro (SBGL) - Dallas (KDFW)

Flight made with the B787-9 from Latam.

Recently, on the Aeroflap site, a story was made saying that American Airlines will do this route with the B767-300, but since the IF only has the B763 from AA in the old colors, I decided to fly with the B789 from Latam itself.