Global Flight | Testers Tracking Thread


For everybody thinking they saw an MD11 or DC10, the MD11/DC10 model isn’t in the current IF version there is no way you could have possibly seen it.
What you saw is most likely an FDS chosen to disguise the MD11/DC10 as.


Nobody ever said they thought they saw the MD11/DC10. We all know it’s not in our current build. Like I said above I saw an a321


Your right, but some people are freaking out that they might catch a glimpse.

Which you can’t possibly do in our current version.


My comment from last night still stands, I don’t think Frontier ever owned MD11s


I sense a Frontier livery for the A321 coming in the upcoming update ;)

No need to comment, I know you can’t release any details :)


Beta testing so lucky!! 😡😡. A lot of planes in the skies all over the world


@neo doing a PHNL-KLAX
Have a great flight


I also saw @schyllberg
Doing KSJC-KJFK Sounds like a fun flight


@neo is PHNL-KLAX in 767 real life flight
(I think it is)


Where in the world is @dush19 going?

Literally lol.


I’m gonna guess Doha


Yep, DL1824. Need to change callsign lol.


Yea @ewanfleming that’s what I would think


That’s great! Can’t wait to try that flight


@Wyn2x The views must look Spectacular

First time I’m posting Laura on this thread.



Dj larose I bet that’s a fun flight


@GuitartIvo Nice Job Bro

Congrats on 10,000 people


10,001th post…😱😱😱

Would you look at that


Lets look at all the testers out there. Thanks everyone for your great work testing!

Edit: Nice to see the 10,000 rule was removed


Wait a second… rip. My topic was useless