Global Flight | Testers Tracking Thread


@Sam_Keast off to Honolulu


@IFATC-Tim inbound for Beantown to visit me. ;)


@art_martinez heading to Los Angeles.


He’ll do it eventually, he is on holiday right now


He just did right now though 😂. Well it was @dush19


6 beta testers all in 1 country!

Impressive. Most Impressive.

Evolution of Global Flight
Evolution of Global Flight

Obviously had time to do it then 🤷‍♂️


Henrik on Oslo Intl. Gardermoen, Norway
(25 mins from where I live)
Taxiing to 19R


@Stephen_Wilson Where are you going?


He’s likely trying to imitate Delta flight 201


Now…we just need to find the beta tester with the loudest mouth to get information out of! jk jk :)


Global is in beta now? Yes!


Right now I have my hands up praying it won’t take as long as the alpha but if it does. Oh well. It’s only ganna Better for us


@mbmhwue148 at Frankfurt.


Tyler breaking off from the group


I think a tester should fly down to Bristol and show it some love 😂


I think Laura confirmed beta when she used #beta on her IG she even said the more the merrier so maybe Beta is confirmed but there hasn’t been a #announcements on the Forum yet.


Dylan Oakes off to San Francisco.


@DylanOakes that is. Great stuff.


66kt headwind had me down to 400kts GS. When the wife says it’s time to go to the store then it’s time to go to the store! ;)