Ghosting Change - How does it impact me?


And ehat is when the Departer controler say ,Turn right heading 70" and I answer ,Unable"? Can they give me a ghosting?


Where you able to turn to 070? More then likely yes so the answer is Yes!


But lets say, you are in the ILS and in the short final thay say it…


Then you wouldn’t be talking to departure would you?


The departure says I should contact him so I did it


You can’t get ghosted on the training server so don’t worry. 😉


This is literally so annoying I think it should be just three days I am so annoyed


If you follow the rules and instructions this won’t affect you at all


Yea but when they tell me something that I can’t do then they ghost me


Big mistakes and bad intentions receive greater repercussions. I minor infraction like speeding a few ticks above the GS yields is one thing but there are people that intentionally or through ignorance make negative experiences for those trying to match realism.


Unless they’re sending you into a mountain when given a heading assignment, that would be one of the only few times that I would consider responding with unable. The controllers have passed the required practicals to operate a radar frequency. If you’re using unable you’re doing it wrong. You may not know what the plan is, but the controller knows what the plan is. After all, you requested a service from them, so you wanted the vectors to airport you are intending to land at.


What happens If a Mod Ghosts you in TS1?


Thanks. What happens if someone goshts without any reason or ATC’ are not doing a good job? Can they be ghosted?


I’m not sure if you would get ghosted on that server unless you were doing something completely stupid. Either way they won’t ghost unless it was for a very good reason.


We don’t ghost on TS1 unless extreme trolling or a very inappropriate callsign is reported, or someone is disturbing an ATC Training Session/Practical Test.


If you’re ghosted and you think it was unjust, you report it to an ATC Moderator.


But it was on the Expert server


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This Is A Good Call, From the Server Side


Thanks for the update Tyler! I hope this will encourage people to follow the rules & code of conduct to the best of their ability.