Ghosting Change - How does it impact me?


What does that even mean?


I Am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I feel I will get a better answer than in the evolution of global. Will there be away for us to file a flight plan, or some how communicate with ATC, and perform low levels, TACNAVs, and DEFTACs? In planes like the C130s, C17s, and Fighters? I really want the expertise of the expert server and ATC, but want to do break turns and such in C130s over airports like YUMA, where we constantly do low level training. So will I still be ghosted? Will I only be able to do this on the casual server?

If this is not the appropriate place, I will remove it and place it somewhere else.


We’re you referring to my question?


The acrobatic maneuvers in an airports airspace will still receive a violation for acrobatics. Nothing changed there.


Yes I was referring to it.


In his original post he said 550 knot restriction will be removed upon global release, does that mean for the regions as well? Or just for global flyers?


The restriction will be removed throughout.


None of anything that is being lifted is being lifted for any particular region. It’s being lifted for the whole of expert server, ie all regions.


@Tyler_Shelton …MaxSez: Bout time the violation/Ghosting down Time was extended to 7 days on the EXP. During Hi Tempo ops it surprising how many corners are cut by the so called Masters of the IF Universe, seems they just love to jockey for first place in the line ups and just salivate as they position for a short finals with those big fat long nasty trucks they jockey about. It’s bedlam on the Exp when there’s no “watcher” on duty. Courtesy and good airmanship has become an IF lost art me thinks. Disappointed you did not add an XP reduction to this change!

On a more personal note I take grave exception to the reappearance of the “Taxiing on the grass” violation/Ghosting. I remember the hurrah it caused when Live came on line! Must we repeat old wounds. Consider the ground turning radius of some of those big ugly heavy’s and supers. Some taxiways are extremely narrow and the T & + intersection in some cases are early designs and not capable of handling those Dirigible like creatures we must contend with. Accordingly, please reconsider this “Driving on the grass Ghoster.”. Beside the nexus for an overflowing complain box it’s Chicken (redacted). Regards


If you check and enable speed filter for more than 600kts, you can find many flights in the real world that are flying below FL400 and have more than 600kts Ground speed. Usually you can find them en route from Japan to USA above Pacific ocean and also some of them fly through south Australia. Sometimes tailwind speed exceeds 150kts in these mentioned regions. I think for Global version this reason of ghosting must be revised.


It’s written in the initial post that the 550GS rule will be removed when Global comes.


And if you were to actually read the post fully, you would see that it will be removed once Global is released :)

Especially since us testers have been hittin up to 700kts in a commercial airliner, it wouldn’t make much sense to keep it :)


We do not ghost people who cut a corner because their plane is too big for the taxiway. It’s rather about people trying to reduce taxitime by going straight through terminals and strips of grass.


Sorry sir. I think this rule is still valid on Global. An also sorry @Tyler_Shelton . Please disregard my previous message.


@David_Driggers. MaxSez: Take it to the boondocks. Lotsa unrestricted airspace in the hi-desert south of 29 Stumps. Fly NOE and Assault go’s till you get a belly full. Semper Fi Mac, stop whining!


@Julius97… MaxSez: “We”? I’d like to trust “your” word but I’m a sceptic.
Gooday, Max


He’s correct. That’s the only valid reason to ghost for that. Not like anyone would ghost if you accidentally were to touch the grass with a tyre. Then we would have some issues…


@schyllberg. MaxSez. The statement relating to this issue was not declarative enough. It’s interpretable. i stand by my initial comment which was direct to Mr. Shelton.Regards


Exactly, that’s what people need to remember. I know all to well, I’ve been the upset person before and it didn’t work in my favour.

Keep up the great work.


If you are restricted on the expert server, does that bring your grade down?