Ghosting Change - How does it impact me?


I might agree with you, but I’ve seen quite a few topics where people ask about their ghost and we sometimes have to play 20 questions to figure out who it was, without asking an ATC moderator.


That’s the issue. Don’t entertain it… send them our way so we can assist. No sense in playing the guessing game. We have a log and can see all information so let’s not frustrate new users who join looking for answers by sending the 20 comment threads full of “well, maybe you were upside down too close to the tip of the mountain…”.


I think a really important piece here in getting justice in for a seemingly unjust report is to avoid the emotionally charged essay. Type a short description and save it. If you’re mad, reread and send it later when you’ve had time to chill.

Always remember that there’s an actual person on the other end.


Will the combination of violations in a single session be added. Like how the overspeed violation works. While a combination of a ground speed violation, under 10,000ft violation, a performing acrobatics over airfields violation be accumulated in one session over a flight result in a ghosting? Because I feel like there are still loopholes someone can take to get around this. If the purpose of Expert is for people to be operating on their without receiving violations, when does the hard line get dropped? If someone is doing multiple violations on the Expert server that has no IFATC in the area shouldnt they be held accountable just as someone doing those same things in an IFATC controlled area?


I can’t like this enough. 9/10 messages begin with “ghosted for no reason” in all caps. 9/10 times there absolutely was a reason.

Civil messages please! 🙂


I would like to revisit the rule for fighters on the expert server…since l recently saw several flying well in access of 550 kts gs…below 40K and wondered if that was considered a speed violation or a severe enough infringement for ghosting… or it it is only proper for a fighter to exceed the maximum jet or airliner speed limit of around 350 kts above 40K !!!


They are held accountable. It directly affects your grade which means you’re unable to access the Expert Server for a set number of days. These days may differ from the days a ghost will apply.


That rule applies for all across the board. If you saw others doing it and they weren’t ghosted then no ATC or moderator saw it. No biggie. This is not system enforced.


For what my 2 cents is worth, IFATC volunteer their time because they enjoy providing quality service to fellow pilots. Of course, since we are human, we will make the occasional mistake. Reach out to the controller and discuss the situation in a professional and courteous manner. If they were wrong, they will most likely be the first to admit it, apologize and notify a moderator of the incident. Above all, treat each other with kindness and respect. [quote=“jasonrosewell, post:26, topic:142179”]
think a really important piece here in getting justice in for a seemingly unjust report is to avoid the emotionally charged essay. Type a short description and save it. If you’re mad, reread and send it later when you’ve had time to chill.


An eventual permanent ban from the Expert? Ohh this is amazing


Yeah. But within a certain time frame. A person who gets ghosted shouldn’t get banned from expert for two weeks based on something they did six months ago.


Can you please inform us that due to which mistakes will the players be ghosted after global is released


Adding to what Tyler Said, you will Also be ghosted if you use a Callsign/Display Name that violates the policies.

DO NOT include in your Callsigns/Display Names:-

  1. Inappropriate phrases like Bad words/Politics/Things that shows Racism/Discrimination

  2. Saying Impolite things about Devs/mods, ex:- “LauraIsBad”.

  3. “For Callsigns Only”:- Spammy and Long Callsigns:-" Emirates 3333333333…", i have seen this a lot and its just too annoying and got ghosted many times


Read the topic. The entire point of the post was to clarify the new changes that will prevent ghosted users from accessing the Expert Server for 7 days.


When this is removed in global, Will there still be a restriction but higher? Or no restriction?


No restriction, as it says in the post.


My opinion on this. I don’t think this restriction should be removed at all. Granted, people would want to fly faster on long haul flights, but with fuel burn coming as well, the disadvantage is we are going to have many emergencies, unless long haul planes are used for short haul flights, and fast approaches, which will inconvenience other pilots,

Please come up with a plan on managing emergencies? Maybe ATC could divert them to uncontrolled airports within the vicinity or something like that.

Thanks once more for the wonderful work you guys do. Salute


I can tell you from experience - it’s almost impossible not to go above 550GS when you have an insane tailwind


Ohhh! in that case then I understand. I never thought of that. Thanks


When you say the restriction will be removed upon release, does that include in the regions as well?