Get it now: In-Flight Assistant (iOS) 1.05 - take IF to the next level! RAAS coming in 1.06!


I saw it on some YT videos online with people flying and on the IFA trailer video. So was that all C-130’s used?


Yup. Only C-130’s Have pilots rendered in the cockpit. The C172 also has a pilot rendered too


Would sure be nice if we could pipe in 3d models - who knows, maybe we’ll get there some day?


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App force closes when I try to join an airline. Android…


I think you’re talking about Infinite Passengers :)


uh oh. :( thanks buddy


Already got IFA and every IAP… so I’ll go for second 😁 (not really something people say)


Whats the point of having two? lol


I think he means he will go for second place. 🙂

The Olympics should be fun. Hope lots of new pilots join up because of Global, all bushy-tailed and bright-eyed, coming straight from reading the tutorials - “train us, Master Aussie_Wombat!”


If only my dad lets me buy this app!! I absolutely love it so much


If you think you love it now, before you even own it, just wait until you buy it! 😃


On your website, could you add the Passenger announcements to it? Like you have with voice commands and GPWS:

(For anyone wondering, it’s this website:


Yeah should totally do a new video and add that in there. Thanks for reminding me how little time I have. 😅

(No but thanks - I should add PA in there and also make clear that voice commands are iOS only)


Hey Epaga, I’m having a problem where as soon as I spwan the after landing announcement comes on. And immediately after that the snack/drink service announcement comes on. Then when I actually reach cruise and land I don’t hear those announcements. But the co-pilot callouts still work.

iPhone 6
Latest version of IF
IF-Assistand version 1.04
IOS version 11.0.1

EDIT Issue fixed by deleting and re-installing the app. Thanks to @Jan


Hopefully in the next update you add Engine on/off voice commands as well as Seatbelt/No smoking and Nav light commands


Here you go! :-) (v1.05)


I was amazed but I experienced this yesterday. With IFA not in multitasking and swiped up from, I was still getting sounds with just IF running. I’m not sure it’s even possible…
I’ll try to recreate it for you but I doubt it will happen again. Strange…


Yeah, I have experienced this as well. Remember @epaga? ;)


Had you recently used it. If you had then it doesn’t have to be in the multitasking menu. It’s just if you slide from the right of the screen. So it’s in the background running, but you don’t physically see the app.