Get it now: In-Flight Assistant (iOS) 1.05 - take IF to the next level! RAAS coming in 1.06!


OK, price is back to 80% off (i.e. roughly $1) like it should be. Sorry about that!


Look what I’ve done to it 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂


That’s because in app purchases at $4, but the app itself is $1


I see that now, thanks


Hmmm should maybe shut down the other voices when pressing a new voice. On the other hand, maybe I should leave this in as an easter egg (“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!”).

(And just to be clear: starting today, until the end of the month, the app itself is now at 40% off (roughly $3), the in-apps remain at 20% off)


@epaga When the app is turned on and running for a long haul flight does it keep on running in the backround and using battery or is it considerably low battery usage and performance usage?


I’ve had it running for long flights, and it doesn’t seem to use a lot of battery to me (but on the other hand, for long haul flights I have my iPad hooked up to a charger anyways, so not 100% sure). It’s not nothing, but shouldn’t be an issue compared to IF itself.

(BTW, turning on “Low Power Usage” and “Limit Frame Rate” in IF should really help your battery life, as well).


Hey so I purchased the In-Flight Assistant and the passenger announcements as well. Is there any way to fix the fact that the flight attendants voice sounds muffled? Its like I am trying to listen from the other side of a closed door. I can hear all the other information just fine but the flight attendant sounds like bad quality audio.

I am using an iPad Mini, latest ios build and latest IF build.


I believe there’s a setting - poke around a bit and I think there’s a muffled option.


got it thanks @SWNelson


Love how you guys are often doing support for me! Thanks, @SWNelson!


I have been using the app since day 1 on android. Love it.

Will you be adding different voices for the flight attendant ?


great question! I would also like to know about this.


I’m getting completely random passenger announcements at random times during flights with only Infinite Flight running, and Infinite Flight connect turned off. I’ve tried reinstalling both apps and restarting my device - the issue still occurs. It happens maybe once or twice at most on every 1-3 flights I do.


Very likely yes. At some point.


That’s a really weird glitch. Really weird.


IF-A won’t make sound if it’s not running 🙂, it must still be running in the background.

I’d suggest turning it on then, haha. There are virtually no downsides to having it on.

No clue why it is happening, though. Very strange.


Awesome. Thank you sir


The only thing I noticed that’s missing so far using this app in global, is the co-pilot that used to actually sit next to me in the cockpit view. It’s used to feel nice to have some company. :)


I’m afraid there was never that feature - 3rd party apps cannot add graphical features like that to IF. The only aircraft in IF with a physical copilot are the C-130 family.