Get it now: In-Flight Assistant (iOS) 1.05 - take IF to the next level! RAAS coming in 1.06!


@epagu I’ve bought everything as soon as everything got released by you :) I love you app and honestly well done for making infinitie Flight a slight better


Developers of IF-A, is In-Flight Assistant fully compatible with the global update?




In the future will we have someone else than Stephanie @epaga


Just got into Global, i love your app with this epaga!!


Also, could you have the pa welcoming when you first turn on the nav lights as you turn them in before you push as I normally be start my engines during pushbacks and by that time it’s already doing the safety feature? @epaga


No one likes Stephanie 😞. Jk, Yeah but a range of voices would be good


Hey - that’s my wife! 😅 Yeah I can definitely consider other PA voices. Just need to find the time!!


Would you consider changing that the welcoming initiation^^^^^


Stephanie is great for liveries such as Austrian but more voices for other liveries such as British airways, or an Irish one for Ryanair and so on…would just make it that bit more realistic


Epaga - while playing in global how can I access the app pages. Used to be able to swip for the right and pull up the panel but in global is gone. Is it hidden or all you working in rectifying this?


I assume that’s because that’s the way it is in iOS 11. To access the app while flying, you can either place In-Flight Assistant in the dock or open it just before flying and it will automatically be in the recents app part of your dock. Afterwards, in Infinite Flight, simply pull out the dock, drag the In-Flight Assistant icon on your screen and a pop-up should appear. Hope that helped! :)


👆🏻 What he said.

Yep, I hear you. 🙂


a question. I noticed that behind the voice of the copilot there is a noise like sand / hum that is more appreciated with the headphones on. Is it normal or does it just happen to me?


Change the copilots voice, does that still sound sandy


I’m sorry if this has been answered before, but I have a question.
Yesterday I was flying DXB-DEL. I took off from Dubai with IFA working perfectly fine. As I started my descent, I realised IFA wasn’t working anymore. Why is that? I also noticed that there were some troubles with the “User Account” on the top right. Does it have anything to do with it?

Thanks in advance.


It shouldn’t be to do with the user account, it should say: Api service, if that is red or orange that is why


It didn’t say anything about API service…


Ok, so then that’s not the problem, maybe it’s a PEBKAC problem


What’s PEBKAC? I have no idea…