Get it now: In-Flight Assistant (iOS) 1.05 - take IF to the next level! RAAS coming in 1.06!


Thanks for the discount…i have buy it…😅👍👍


Definitely have thought about it, yes. Need to find the time. So many feature requests, so little time. :-)


Would a British accent be possible?


Totally! Just need to find a Brit willing to do the voice. 🙂

Imagine that - a British Airways flight on the Stansted to Faro flight with a British flight attendant. That would be so awesome.


@MishaCamp interested in doing a British accent option for IF-A?

Edit: Damn you’ve already got competitors ⬇️ 😅


I would think about doing it but the thought of hearing myself talk on every flight gives me nightmares.

We need at least an American one as that can be universal. British would be nice also.


I’m more than willing to assist with that :-)


I will do that if you so wish. May be better suited people but count me in if needed!


Nothing wrong with having a male and female voiceover ;-)


@epaga…MaxSez: As to voices, Don’t think I’d use the Brit voice unless it’s clearly cockney accented annunciated an associated with Brit airframes only. Now the motherly Female voice is traditional and based on extensive psychological testing . I dream of “Bitching Betty” sometimes;

Bitching Betty is a slang term used by pilots and aircrew when referring to the voices used by some aircraft warning systems.
The enunciating voice, in at least some aircraft systems, may be either male or female and in some cases this may be selected according to pilot preference.[citation needed] If the voice is female it may be referred to as Bitching Betty; if the voice is male it may be referred to as Barking Bob.[citation needed] A female voice is heard on military aircraft such as the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the Eurofighter Typhoon and the Mikoyan MiG-29.[citation needed] A male N.American oice is heard on Boeing commercial airliners and is also used in the BAE Hawk.
In the United Kingdom the term Nagging Nora is sometimes used, and in New Zealand the term used for Boeing aircraft is Hank the Yank. .(Wiki)


The eagle has landed! I repeat - the eagle has landed! Get the update, everybody! 😅


Haha, that’s funny to me, imagining a cockney-accented flight attendant. 🙂


The game will not download when i play… but i can hear the energi sound


Can I not tell the assistant to do stuff??


server overload, new ones will be set up in a few hours


voice command is an in-app purchase


(As it clearly says in the App Store description!)


(also 20% off atm) for a week


Yep as Lewis said this has nothing to do with IF-A but is because of the server issues (should be fixed in a few hours they said).


Would you be having a recieved pronunciation or regional accent tho?