Get it now: In-Flight Assistant (iOS) 1.05 - take IF to the next level! RAAS coming in 1.06!


when researching, it said it is up to the developers to allow this (not sure how), but it is possible apparently


Nope won’t work - I’d have to make the apps free and then unlock via weird IAPs only or something, not going to do it.


BTW, next update will have the GPWS callouts contain the “altitude reached” chime when you reach the altitude set on the autopilot. Should be fun! 🙂

Other than that I am still working on the separate app In-Flight Instruments.


Great! Can’t wait 😄👍👍


This is your chance to save some money!

To celebrate the release of the amazing Global update, I’ve decided to offer In-Flight Assistant at 80% off and each in-app at 20% off for the next week ONLY - this offer begins today (whenever Apple updates the store) and ends midnight upcoming Tuesday.


What! That’s insane @epaga! Great choice (I already have everything tho 👍🤞)


Great. Feiner Zug von Dir.


Thanks, guys! This should ease the waiting phase a bit for all of those waiting for the App Store rollout to reach them! IF-A is completely compatible with Global, by the way.


Great job! The work that you do is a great asset…


BTW, here is what I’m currently planning for v1.05

  • (for GPWS) Chime when reaching altitude set on autopilot
  • Voice Command “Start / Stop Engine X”
  • Voice Command “Start / Stop Fuel Dump”


Sounds great! Do the devs let you access the command to dump fuel in the API yet.


That is perfect, can’t wait


That is some discount. Will definetly buy it on the afternoon. Thanks John!


What is with “Please remain seated, until we reached our final parking position”
(Btw. That is what I say, when my kids start to open the seatbelt before I stop the car.)


That’s already in the PA addon for after you land (after a flight that reached your “initial altitude”). 🙂


Got it! What was the original price?


Depends on your location - usually around $5 and now the core app is $1 (for a limited time only).


Thanks for the the discount


Could you think about offering the announcements in another voice? Preferably your own, add a bit of enthusiasm also and I will seriously use them. I currently have them turned off as i don think they are too great . Thanks


Perhaps a British accent? @epaga