Get it now: In-Flight Assistant (iOS) 1.05 - take IF to the next level! RAAS coming in 1.06!


Well, obvioulsly we would need the other aswell, for offline use.


Bad news on the voice command front of things - just found out Apple explicitly does NOT allow Siri voice recognition to be running in the background. So we’re back to square one in that regard. 😐


Damn, that sucks, r there any other voice command systems that you could possibly implement, I know you’ve probably thought of it before, I’ll give it a quick search


I’m currently using the one that was usually recommended by anyone in the space. The problem is simply its accent recognition at this point.

But there are a few plugins it offers (they cost money but I’m totally willing to spend a little cash to make the voice commands work better for non-midwestern US folks). Will be looking into those.


Check this out:

Maybe the second one if u look into it 🤔

But are these able to be implemented into an iOS application?


Thanks but nope, those are entirely different things since they are meant to be used by users for dictation, most of those aren’t offering APIs (except maybe Dragon).


Just submitted v1.04 to the App Store, with the following changes:

  • Silent mode for the hearing impaired / deaf - under “More”, turn the volume slider down to 0 and instead of spoken callouts, you’ll get notifications instead.
  • Global compatibility (Passenger Announcements watch your engines for first welcome, couple of bug fixes, etc.)
  • A couple voice samples had fragments of other voice samples, etc.
  • Turning on Replay or starting in the air now confuses the poor co-pilot a little less
  • Go-arounds and touch-and-go’s should also work better now
  • Passenger Announcement “Disable All” button for quicky disabling/re-enabling flight attendant announcements
  • Decision Height is now set in AGL to stop people from posting 1-star reviews because they don’t understand the difference between MSL and AGL. (You know who you are ಠ_ಠ)
  • Can now switch between “80 knots” and “100 knots” as co-pilot callout for takeoff

Knowing Apple it’ll be a day or two till it hits the App Store.

Thanks especially to @Jan for being my iOS Beta Tester Extraordinaire - many, many bugs would not have been found if it hadn’t been for him. 👌🏻


Great to hear! Regarding the voice recognition issue, would the Siri dictation be able to run on a separate device, and have the secondary device act as an internet controller?


Great! I realy really can’t wait! Thanks for all the amazing work you do!

I know you just submitted it,but I just keep checking the App Store for updates 😁


I had the exact same thought and will think this through some more. No guarantees. But I may or may not have an idea anyways for a new, separate app.


How many apps do you now have @epaga? Ones in planning/thinking stage and ones out?

I know you have the head tracking camera views…


If you’re talking IF apps, then at this point I have IF-A out for iOS and Android, I have a proof of concept head tracking app that I don’t know what to do with since I doubt anyone will really want to strap their iPhone to their head. And I have an idea for a new separate app that would run on a separate device that I’m not ready to talk about yet even though I just kind of did. 😃

(As for non-IF apps, the only app that is still up-to-date and in the App Store is Mindscope.)


Ooh… I wouldn’t mind strapping my phone to my head 😂


I certainly wouldn’t mind! I’d love it


Have you considered making an FMC style companion app? For fuel calculations, route saving and setting aswell as door and cabin controls (I know they’re not in the game). Open to everyone’s thoughts


Until MD11 DC10 😏…


These are really really hard I believe


Just got the update for IOS now all I’m missing is well, you know.


Is there any way of transferring the app purchase Android --> Apple?


No, that is not possible as it is two different platforms.