Get it now: In-Flight Assistant (iOS) 1.05 - take IF to the next level! RAAS coming in 1.06!


OK. Vou testar. . .!!!


How can I improve voice command accuracy since I am an non American-accent user?


If you use the voice command test on the Voice Command page, it will show you what it is hearing. Then just do your best to imitate the “John” copilot voice for your commands.
I am still thinking through how to improve the commands.

Question: Does Siri dictation into English work for you? Considered moving to Siri after all if that improves things.


I think Siri would improve things quite a bit


Siri dictation works very well, but wouldn’t we have to have an internet connection to use the voice commands? Or how would that work?


Yep that is how it would work which is why I’ve always shied away from it…additionally it doesn’t allow “always on” recognition, only “utterances” which makes things complicated since there is no “microphone” button to press…but I have a couple ideas.

If it’s the only way to get reliable voice recognition for people, maybe I could have both options - one offline (less accurate), one online (more accurate)? Not sure…


I think that could work, if you’re up to it give it a shot


OK I’ve added a two more changes for the upcoming v1.04:

  • Silent mode for the hearing impaired / deaf - under “More”, turn the volume slider down to 0 and instead of spoken callouts, you’ll get notifications instead.
  • Global compatibility (Passenger Announcements watch your engines for first welcome, couple of bug fixes, etc.)
  • Bug fixes of various kinds
  • Passenger Announcement “Disable All” button
  • Decision Height is now set in AGL to stop people from posting 1-star reviews because they don’t understand the difference between MSL and AGL.
  • Can now switch between “80 knots” and “100 knots” as co-pilot callout for takeoff

I am waiting for the iOS 11 release so that I don’t have to reset the ratings when I release the update (that is a feature in the iOS 11 App Store).

BTW, if you haven’t yet, now would be a great time to write or update your review in the App Store! 😃


Please change the Retard sound too in the update
And maybe add the tick tick tick sound after the Autopilot disconnects in Airbus
E.g (0:31)


Yeah, wont have to wait long!

Yay, nice work

Why? What’s wrong with it?


I did show a difference of in game and in real life video
The sound was different of both
Real life :
In game: (33:00)


They seem the excact same for me


Sorry but they do sound different
@epaga did agree about that


Yep, they are slightly different. The thing is, both are actual real-life Airbus callouts, so as I also told you, this is very low priority for me. Lots of other things I will be adding first.


Even with the links compared, they sound still the same as me


They really are different. One seems to be UK English and the other US english.
Since IF uses a US English version for the altitude countdown, the current version of Retard fits right in. 😉


No problem
You can do it in future when you have time sir😊


The in game is sort of a US version while the real life one is a British Version


Oh I could go on calling my friends that for ages!


Yep Siri really works for me. It would be brilliant if the voice command system moves into siri’s.