Get it now: In-Flight Assistant (iOS) 1.05 - take IF to the next level! RAAS coming in 1.06!


That would be a cool feature but I’m pretty sure he is really stuck into getting the Android version completed


I just got the app and I love it especially the Approching minimus call out
Feels so real


Ah yes, I remember that time when I first got it I was overwhelmed!


But I can’t hear the Retard in airbus I can hear the airbus autopilot disconnect sound but no retard


You have enabled it right?

Also try approaching on the glideslope and not landing to steep or fast - because the it won’t pick up ‘20’ ft


Do you have Airbus landing on?


Yes it is on


Strange, haven’t heard anyone have issues with that callout - double-check that you really are flying an Airbus (I had that once). :-) Then do a normal, soft landing, the “Retard” should come around 20 feet. Like Aussie_Wombat says, if you land too fast, it may not give the sound.


Restarted the device a couple times and now have it thanks all
Especially @epaga for this app this has made IF so much awesome


Try landing in any plane at LFPG runway 27L try offline Start Approach, because the Airport is at 392ft the minimums call out of the app can not be heard because the altitude on the HUD is at 400ft and the airplane is already on the ground and I think the app uses the altitude from the HUD so if this could be changed that would be great


@epaga the “Retard, Retard” callout included isn’t actually used by airbus, is it? The Airbus “Retard” callout voice has a British accent and actually sounds like a human. (Probably because it is!)

Were you not able to get the real Airbus call out?


Nope that is the real callout. 😬


I wonder if there is a way you can replace the generic Boeing altitude callouts when in an Airbus.


Sadly, not yet - those callouts are directly from IF and there is no way I can block them.


For anyone interested in the Android version, remember that the Android thread is over here:


I just got this app and every in app purchase and let me tell you it is purely amazing!


How does this go with Australian accents?


It works kinda well…

But the whole thing is worth it. It picks up what you are saying but sometimes misinterpretes it.


I haven’t configured voice commands yet.


Have you tested your voice with it on voice test?