Generic Freight Livery


So this is something missing that i feel cargo virtual airlines that don’t represent a real airline are missing. The only generic livery on a Freight aircraft is the 777F, all the other planes only have generic passenger liveries. Something like this image (credits on photo)

Generic MD-11

I think the Cessna 208 has one, if that counts.


Wow. Someone just requested the plainest livery possible (bad pun sorry). Are you actually bothered about a plane with no colour on it?


I was thinking it would be great for Virtual airlines


I like the request! Some airlines irl uses generic freight liveries. I would vote but I ran out of votes.


Honestly, I kinda like plain and white liveries on freighters only. I don’t like plain ones on passenger variants.


yeah, its just blank and looks better than blank with a bunch of spots XD


I think this should be added, it would be extremely helpful to cargo airlines.


Great idea! I would totally fly this!


YES. You know the saying Less is more!


Yes! I have always wanted a generic cargo livery! :)


I would love this if they rework the 744 and add a freighter


Yeah, they need to put its original IF livery back in too, The Boeing house colors


I would love a 744F, it would make the 747-400 so much better in IF


In terms of light, no color would be black whereas white is the combination of all colors.