General Forum Guidelines 2018


General Forum Guidelines 2018

Hey! Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community here on the forum. We hope your experience of Infinite Flight has been exciting so far. This forum is the central hub for all Infinite Flight discussions and is the place where you can ask questions about the app, talk with other pilots, apply for IFATC training and so much more.

As you can imagine, we are a big forum. In fact, we have over 50,000 users, with many of them being regular visitors! As a result, we have to have a few basic rules that everyone adheres to. These are general rules, and you can find more specific ones pinned at the top of each category. If you find anyone new who needs some advice, please direct them to this topic.

We look forward to seeing you on the Infinite Flight Community as an active member!

  1. Language
Language Rules

Be respectful to others and keep your language appropriate for younger members. This forum is a place for all, and we have a large number of young people active. We appreciate that many of you have no issue with more colloquial language, but we ask that you refrain nevertheless. Please also use English text as it is the most widely understood language on the forum. We do have support categories in Spanish and French if needed, but all other categories require English.

  1. No Advertising of Discord Links
Discord Links

This is not permitted due to a large number of issues that we have had with such things in the past. You may not create threads advertising private links either. Additionally, links may not be added to events. You are free to share links in private through the direct message function.

  1. This is Not a Chatroom

This is a place of discussion, not of informal chatting. There are many other platforms available for this. We aim for this forum to be informative, easy to access and productive. Interesting topics are the way to do this. As such, off-topic comments are not permitted and discussions must be relevant to the original post. If you wish to talk with people informally, feel free to do so via private message. Please be aware that moderators can access private messages if they are flagged.

  1. Use the Like Button
Like Feature

We have a set character rule in place on this forum. Additionally, we have automatic features enabled that help you create well crafted topics and replies. These are designed to facilitate productive discussion as mentioned prior. If you are wanting to simply agree with a point, make use of the like feature. Please be aware we have an active like-per-day limit on this forum.

  1. One Account Per Person

You are only permitted one account per person on this community. If you forget your login details, please use the I forgot my password function on the login screen. One account per person is designed to stop people from ‘like boosting’ and evading guidelines. If your account is blocked or suspended, you may not create a new one.

  1. Search Before Posting

This forum is very active and has been so for a number of years now. If you are wanting to create a topic, please search before doing so. You can use keywords. Please make sure your spelling is correct or else topics will not appear when searching. If you find an old topic that you want to redo, such as a feature request, please flag it and we shall normally permit a new one to be made.

  1. Credit and Copyright

Do not post copyrighted content such as flight manuals or aircraft data logs. You are allowed to post a link to where you found them and discuss them in detail, but do not upload them yourself. For media content, you must also give credit, even if the content is free to use. This is because we want to support media creators as much as possible. See more on this here.

  1. Utilise the Editing Feature

You can edit your content after posting. If you make mistakes, please edit them out instead of replying with a separate comment stating your errors. This devalues the thread and is detrimental to the discussion. If you find you can no longer edit your posts, please contact a moderator who may permit a new one to be created.

  1. Refrain From Commenting on Old Topics
Old Topics

If a topic has not had a reply for a number of months, please do not comment on it. We suggest that you do not comment on anything that has a reply older than 6 months ago. It’s best to message a moderator and ask permission to recreate a new topic if you are wanting to continue the discussion. This is to ensure fresh content is posted on the forum.

  1. Utilise the Flag Function

If you believe a post violates forum rules, utilise the flag function to bring it to a moderators attention. Please do not argue or reply that the post was not relevant to the subject at hand. This only further devalues the discussion and causes arguments. Please be understanding if someone makes a mistake and know that flagging is not a bad thing. Without it, we would not be able to moderate the forum, so it is a vital tool in helping create a vibrant and engaging place for Infinite Flight discussion. There is no need to flag a post just because the question at hand has been answered.

  1. Posting in Support

We have a team of staff and moderators who will help deal with support questions. Additionally, we have one staff member dedicated to support. This is @schyllberg and he will help with any questions you may have. Other members are welcome to comment on support, but please do not do so unless you have the correct answer to give.

  1. Only Approved Virtual Airlines May Post
Virtual Airlines

You must be a IFVARB approved to post as a virtual airline on this forum. Please see the pinned post at the top of the #live:va category for more information related to this. If you do not know if you are verified, assume you are not. You are permitted a second account for your virtual airline only after you are IFVARB approved.

  1. Tagging Staff Members

Please do not tag staff members in support questions. You will be assisted quickly as we have moderators or staff on the forum at all times. Furthermore, staff members look over topics such as feature requests often, so tagging them will not benefit your request. You can find a list of staff members on the About page found here.

The Fine Print

Terms of Service
How We Moderate

Moderators and Staff reserve the right to change, add or remove rules and guidelines at any time.

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