GA and Commercial Spotting at KABE (LVIA)


Hi everyone! A while ago I went to Lehigh Valley International ( Technically regional ) with my dad ( who works there ) and came in for a Sun Country 737 charter. I have some photos to share... enjoy!

A (T-45) Navy fighter used for training ( Credits go to @Narroc_Wim for giving the model ) - All photos by me

The Sun Country 737 used for the military charter

Cessna Citation III ( Credits go to @DeerCrusher and @cleipelt for the model )

BA-HS 125-700A ( Credits go to @Aircraft19 for giving the model )

Cessna 152 ( Credits go to @N1RG for giving the model )

Cessna 172

King Air 200

Cessna Citation 560XL (Credits to @Adrien for giving the model )

Challenger 300

Everyone, thank you so much for viewing. Please comment your personal favorite!

(Remade) Suggest any Aircraft, We'll draw it!

King Air 200 was my favourite shot


Yeah same, that King Air 20 is a beauty!


I'm lucky I get to see Sun Country everyday. What was the registration do you know?


The first picture you call a Cessna 172 is actually a Cessna 150/152


Ahhh! The King Air 😍 Who wouldn't want that in Infinite Flight?


Looks like a Cessna Citation X. Only thing that's keeping me from being 100% definitive is that the CCX has 6 windows on the side. This one has 5. Then I started thinking it was the Cessna Latitude. But the Latitude has the horizontal stab. in the center of the tail. This one has the stab. on the top. If you have the tail number, or a more clear picture, you could just type the tail number into Google, and it'll tell you everything you need to know.


It's a Cessna Citation III.


Okay, thanks for letting me know.


No it's not. Not enough windows, and the belly is different


The navy trainer isn't a F4, it's a T-45 goshawk. It's a variant of the BAe hawk.


Are you sure? My dad works there as stated in my profile...


Yes. All F4s are all retired besides the QF4 variant. The F4 has two engines and the tail is completely different than the Goshawk.


Okay, I'll make the edit for now. I'm going to check with my dad as he isn't the wiz in the family, he just works there and knows some of the stuff.


I live close by and drive past on rt22 every day. Flying out of ABE every 2 weeks recently. So nice to be able to be the only one in the security line and basically walk right through.


Yeah, I went into the terminal to pick up family once, it was really empty.


Sun Country Is The Best Airline



It looks like N813SY, I might be wrong though. Great spotting pictures you have there @InfiniteFlightGuy!


Thanks! And Can confirm that is N813SY, I zoomed in


That's cool I have been on 813.