FVA Trip Report I A320-214 I Frontier Airlines


Because people like you make me want to fly Frontier more. Thanks for the boost :) I'm off to book my next trip onboard FFT


Great report mate. I think we should have a trip report category.


I think Frontier is pretty good for a Budget Airline imho. Might be one of the best out there

Anyways, Lovely Tripreport about Frontier! Keep up the good work for upcoming TRs!


I like your idea :) sir


I agree...it is THE best budget carrier ever.

And I'll try my best. I'm already looking at more flights to book.


Just wanted to know if when you were flying did ur ears pop like mad cuz mine did. .


Not even in the slightest exceptduring initial descent. Otherwise I was fine. I'm used to high altitude.


That must have been my ears then.


Ive notice on smaller aircraft like the a320 or B737, pilots usually descend slower so your ears don't pop. But I remember clearly when I was in a B777 to Shanghai, the pilot must of plunged the nose forwards or something because everyones ears on that flight went like deaf lol. You could feel that your ears were popping :) Im not saying that this is the case for all small aircraft and wide body jets, im only saying this because this is what I experienced.


Yeah I rarely have ear pops and I've never flown on anything larger than an A321.


Not really true. It's just about how often you fly and weather your ears are used to the pressure. I flown since I was 6 months and have a PPL and can put some of those Ga planes into a very fast decent


That might of been why. At that time (5-6 years ago), I have only flown like maybe 5-8 times. In the past 5 years I have flown about about 10-15 times. And recently I have noticed that my ears don't pop anymore. maybe they are used to the pressure:) Sorry for the confusion.


We now have a video setting so you can follow in the steps I took and not just be focused solely on photos ;) do enjoy mates, it took my youtuber a long time and a struggle to get this up.


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