Future Updates


Well, I’m sorry, but I’m from Europe and I don’t care about the maps of South America.

When I bought it alone. Flights in Europe and North America.

Also considering that there are many planes… No more planes are needed, for me.

There are other things to improve because of that. Question.

That’s my impression, reflection, let’s go…


I’m not very sure how FDS will go about things and it what order. I see FDS starting from the small aircraft’s and working upto the big ones, in the sence reworking them. I don’t see the adding of any new aircraft’s in the near future.


Follow Infinite Flight’s social media feeds and keep an eye on the announcement section of the forum is about all you can do at the moment.

Product development is different for every company and there are reasons that a “We are working on xxxxx” list does not exist. Some items take longer than others, some may have dependencies on others, etc. For example, they were working on global well before it was officially announced as being in development. Yes there are smaller items, like those you mentioned, that may be tuned in future releases but we usually won’t know about those until it is release.


Well I just have one question, if the TBM 930 is done, why isn’t it getting added to Infinite Flight ? Does it need that much time to get approved or there are some other things that need to be added ?


Because it’s not finished. Planes require a lot of optimization. Be patient and FDS will deliver.


Who said it was finished? Yes people were flying a version of it at the Expo but Laura also stated it had more work to be done by developers and ultimately testers.


Vote for what you want, and if what you want gets enough votes, they will take it into consideration.

I don’t believe you asking them in a direct manor like this will get answers. They don’t give dates because people tend to get upset when they miss a date because of a glitch or error they found and need to resolve.

Anything they add cannot just be programmed over night. But seeing how far this sim has come in the few years it has been around should be evidence enough that it is well worth it.