Future of KDEN Tracking Thread


Expand their underground base


Good grief...


What, don't agree?


You guys...


We're not gonna get very far if you keep being vague ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Oh Airbus...lol


Okay, once you feel like letting me know what you wanna say, tag me


You guys! Stop going back and forth and let's get back on topic.


What about Southwest routes. Like a flight to Hawaii?


I thought it was KDEN/DEN, not DIA, no?


KDEN is the airport code but DIA is short for Denver International Airport. Only people who know Denver know that


That seems like a good idea. Maybe when we get the 737 max


Really? lol I never knew others didn't know.


All apply to Denver.
PS to @MJL_aviation is that considered copying? You have the same photo for your profile as me!


If southwest adds Hawaii routes, I can guarantee you it won't be from Denver.


Maybe LAX first with something like San Diego, then Denver.


Its a different picture but the same livery. I just know I needed to change my picture and well that just makes the most sense because the southwest Colorado on the same plane


Well its pretty obvious but not a lot of people know that


don't you think its gonna be difficult to get international airlines to fly in and out of denver? like emirates and qatar


Wdym we already have 747,777,787 coming in daily so why would we have trouble with those planes coming in. BTW 100th comment!!