Future of KDEN Tracking Thread


I remember we had a stop at Aspen and the bus driver saying, 'welcome to Aspen, where everyone is rich and nobody works'. 😄


That's perfectly put and hilarious!


IDK, getting rid of those weird paintings?


Those weird paintings are what makes DIA so unique my friend. Get rid of them and add to the normal ness.


If anything needs getting rid of at DIA, it's the secretary wait times on Christmas Eve!
(Or this year, the first night of Hanukkah!)


I think more international flights. Only 3 international carriers regularly, one of which is a narrow body. A Middle Eastern airline could do good, better then running 3 daily services to Seattle, and maybe some more to Asia. They only have the 787 to Narita, that's it.


As a Denverite, I think we need more international flights. We have a good start with Lufthansa to FRA and MUC, British Airways to LHR, Icelandair to KEF, United to Tokyo, plus all of the other Mexican/Canadian/Costa Rican etc destinations, alongside Frontier, Southwest, Volaris, Aero Mexico, Air Canada etc.

Having grown up here, I've seen a lot of growth. I think with the way Denver is growing, we could soon support more international flights. DXB on Emirates is highly likely, and also someone flying to AMS and or CDG is too. We will see!


Here's what I think:
United routes
-Denver/Shanghai (777-300)
-Denver/Beijing (777-200
-Denver/Rio De Janeiro (A350)
-Denver/Hong Kong (A350)
International Carriers
-Denver/Tel a viv (El Al 747 or 777)
-Denver/Amsterdam (KLM 787)
-Denver/Dubai (Emirates 777-300)
-Denver/Singapore (Singapore A380)
-Denver/Sydney (Qantas A380)


I don't think we will see a Concourse D here for a while. They could just expand Concourse A like the expanded C a while ago. I also think we could see an A380 route, possibly to EDDL on Lufthansa, or YSSY on Qantas.


I agree. It would be so much fun to have more international routes. I'd love to see Quantas or Emirates at DIA instead of BA and Lufthansa solely.


Can Denver be reached from Sydney? I think only the 77L can fly that far, or maybe the A350 when that gets delivered.


A380s go from Dallas to Sydney with no problem so I don't see why an A380
can't fly from Denver to Sydney and if not, a 777 would do the job.


What about a Denver to Singapore flight on United?


That could be done, probably in the 787-9, which would be great, another 787 route form DEN. More International Carries would be nice too. A 777-200LR could get to Sidney, but niether United nor Qantas have those.


Living near DIA, I would love, love, love to see some A380s fly over my house. When the weather is bad to the east of the airport, the Lufthansa 744 and the British Airways 744 make a low, ~110° (west to northeast) turn directly over my house. It's so cool to see. The United 788 to Tokyo Narita flies over on a regular basis. It's no louder than a 737 so unless you're looking for the 788, you'd never know.

However, I would LOVE to see a Denver-Paris route. There's currently no direct flight to Paris from here, and it would be awesome to have an AirFrance fly over every so often. Especially if it's an AirFrance A380.


One other thing I should mention (as it seems most people forget), Icelandair has a flight from Denver to Reykjavik for just over $600. Way cheaper than the Lufthansa and British flights.


If United could have $600 flights to Europe or Asia, I would be at least somewhat happy, especially if they used United's new 777-300 with United Polaris on board. It is fancy! (not Emirates fancy but better than before)


And they continue on to European destinations as well for little or no extra cost.


Agreed. The few times of flow internationally form Denver, there has been a layover in another city, (Mainly Dallas and Charlotte) which has added time and cost to the trip. Direct definitely would be nice.


I hate layovers that are longer than the actual flight! I would also agree long layovers are a pain too, but a layover around 2 hours is great for plane spotting and a pretzel from Auntie Annie's!