Future of KDEN Tracking Thread


Wow, this is pretty cool for DIA. The article mentioned they would be adding 39 gates across all three concourses, but in my opinion, I think they should build a whole new concourse (maybe concourse D).


Too expensive. Would have to build whole new building, taxiways, gates, and lights as well as extend the underground train.


If you read all the way to the end, it says DIA has a $3 Billion plus expansion plan. It could be subject to change, and I think a new concourse would be nicer than a 7th runway and widening of roadways. This could possible attract more international carriers which we all would like to see :)


This is the expansion plan:

It’s a massive plan, if there not going to do it all at once. No point. They will gradually do it little by little, they already have started and completed some projects.


I loved your master plan info by the way.


Just in: Denver City Council Approves Denver Gate Expansion.
As you can see from the photo, there are plans to add 3 new international gates at concourse A and add a large amount of Southwest gates at concourse C.


Oh my gosh I’m so excited right now!! Thanks for sharing this man.


Who is going to the the A Concourse regional gates?


Most likely a regional airline such as Boutiqe or Great Lakes. Maybe we’ll see charter flights go there as well.


Those aren’t commuter gates. Those airlines already have their parking spots.


If you all want to read more, you can visit this article.
DIA’s $1.5 billion gate expansion gets city council nod - Denver Business Journel


Oh! I almost forgot. This was in the article for anti who is curious on when Denver will build concourse D:

When complete, DIA’s existing concourses will be nearly maxed out – requiring the construction of a new Concourse D for any future expansion.
But DIA CEO Kim Day told the council subcommittee that a new concourse isn’t expected to be needed for another 10 to 15 years.


Nooo! I want that new Concourse now lol


Denver Service to Munich as been upgraded to the A350!

For everyone who voted for these routes, Congratulations!


A330, A340, A350… 😂 Lufthansa can’t make up their mind. Maybe we’ll get an A380! 😂😂


Ohh If only… 😍✈️ That would be pretty cool.


I hope so!

Fun fact:

An A380 has never landed at KDEN


I know, I live here.


I heard from the airport itself that this is replacing the A340-600 during the summer time.!


While you talk to the airport again… Ask about KDEN-KISP :)