Future of KDEN Tracking Thread


Copa Air to start service in Dec.
Air Canada routes to Vancouver started on May 17th
Frontier to start Denver to Providence flights in Aug.
Denver to possibly remodel main terminal



Edelweiss Air to fly to Denver twice a week starting June 4th!



Denver gets flights to Paris on Norwiegan Air! To start in April next year.


DIA’s massive new lighted welcome sign on Peña Boulevard will cost twice as much for airport - The Denver Post

I hope this goes forward. It will look very attractive to people driving on a Peña Boulevard.


This is allready there…


United is also starting service to London on a 787. And southwest is starting service to Hawaii.


That’s new information for me. Wow haha I had no ide that was happening.


Really? I’m blind then.


True, the sign is up and made of LED poles for a dynamic display, however they are just starting to test it. Hopefully it will all work out and the $14.5 million went to good use.


From Denver? I doubt it.


Yeah I doubt they will go from Denver. Probably from like SJC or ONT or other airports in CA.


It’s possible from Denver. The flight is 7 hours, but Norwegian does trans-Atlantic flights on B738 everyday. Definitely not Ontario though, no demand for it.


Hmm… I was thinking of WN focus cities.


I think the cities they’ll start service are Las Vegas, Oakland, Phoenix, Denver, Sacramento, San Diego, and San Jose.


Ontario I could see a slight (although very small) possibility for. A la China Airlines, WN could use ONT as an LAX overfill airport that is convenient for a different type of market (think places that are closer to ONT than LAX, especially factoring in traffic).

Denver, although it definitely has the connection possibilities and demand for it, doesn’t seem very likely with the 737. Considering that this flight would be slightly longer than Norwegian’s EDI-SWF, and that this flight would have more bags (bags fly free!), worse conditions (Hawaii is hot and Denver is high), it doesn’t seem all that feasible for a flight from DEN-HNL. Take LAX-HNL, for example on Delta. Their 737-900ERs end up going out with payload restrictions based on the fuel load, despite the fact that they have fewer seats per square foot (meaning less weight from passengers) and less fuel required (LAX-HNL is much shorter than DEN-HNL). If Delta can’t make it fly full, I don’t think Southwest could.


I dont think they will do service in LA because there are already many hawaii flights. The Max could defenitly do the route from Denver to Hawaii so I still think they will do it


This is huge for Denver:

You can talk more about it here:


This just might be the best thing I’ve heard all day! Now I have to find ways to calm down lol.


Ha ha! I wonder if they’re adding more intl. gates?