Funny Aviation Memes


Found on 9gag


The new Airbus A330-300000000 on its test flight😉



Lmao I saw that meme in facebook a few days ago.




If you complete the sequence 10 times in exactly 100 seconds you can reach the sun. You have to complete the sequence 10000 times in exactly 100000 seconds to return to Earth. :-D


I guess Snapchat is trying to tell me about my horrible flying habits


Lol! Found it on Instagram!


LOL, very hilarious.



What is "Piper"

Piper is a short animated film by Disney Picsar.


Ahaha, that’s exactly what I thought when I saw that on Snapchat. 😂


New future aircraft without landing gear? 🤔 What a bug ahah

@Laminar @Valentino_Rusconi


@Mattia_Bordoni Nothing wrong with testing a couple of Area 51 aircraft before they get used in the next conspiracy!



Harrison Ford almost crashed his plane while attempting to land not realizing it was a taxiway in real life.


@AndrewRG10 Okay perfect, I’m proud to be a tester of the new NASA aircraft 👌🏻


Again, your picture have no relation to the main point of the topic!


Umm… It’s a meme and this is a meme topic. So I don’t get what you mean.


Read the title again: Funny Aviation Memes. Your “meme” isn’t aviation related…