Funny Aviation Memes


I’m also the only aviation geek in my school as far as I know. And that is in a school with over 3000 students. Anyways, no one in my school knows even 10% of what I know about aviation. :-P


This is mine:


Could someone please inform me why everyone makes fun of RyanAir landing hard and so on?


Because pilots don’t care about their landings, it’s fun.


Because of this:

Yes, that IS real! Simply it’s because they land very very very hard!


How is the 747 called a “him” when it’s called “Queen” of the skies…


Ever flown with them?


It’s the trend here.


RyanAir pilot’s aren’t trained and they don’t get underpayed for bad landings. So why not go in fast and forget to flare or flare at 150 ft and balloon onto the runway.



for all those memes hating ryan air here





That’s what they all say. I was flying with my friend from NBO-DOH, imagine he called a 777 a small 747😂😂😂


Or when your girlfriend says Infinite Flight is a last year thing!


Care to let us know what happens? @Aernout


It’s a little-known secret, but that enables “Concorde” mode, allowing travel in speeds exceeding Mach 2. If you complete the sequence 3 times in a row in 30 seconds exactly, the aircraft is able to exit the atmosphere.


Then that would be a Scarebus A380. (Although it already is) 🌚



Is that the same code King Candy used to get Ralph’s medal?

Only those of you who have seen ‘Wrect-It Ralph’ will understand what I mean. :-P