Funny Aviation Memes



This may be political, but funny, nonetheless.

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Shame this isn't being taught at schools.


Wings Air Alaska? Lol never heard of it.


I don't see South West, but nice meme!


good thing ryianar is not on there


Of course Ryianar won't be there, it's not a real airline I believe :)


Soooooooooo true it never had a chance


Probably a rural airline. One of those that fly C410's and Dash 8 100's, the ones that land on frozen lakes and 2500 foot runways. Haha!


They also have to squawk 7700 every flight because mechanical problems


That's if the freezing temperatures haven't completely messed them up. Haha


The rankings need updating, but great!


A reference to Harrison Ford's recent landing on a taxiway while flying over an AA 737-800.



Yet another one based on my Delta flights, captain had us wait an extra hour so maintenance could fix the APU...


More like when you are in contact with an approach controller and your internet cuts out. 😱


xD very true! Or when the approach controller logs off and then it's a free-for-all to get to the airport.


Lmao, I wish my school replace the Chemistry periodic table with this xD



Look at the last one (Downer Right image)