Funny Aviation Memes


Ahhh right - got it now 😂. Thanks!


When you are on takeoff you need to get the takeoff speed, b1 it's the no return point of the takeoff, and when you get on b1 the copilot say "b1" then a few seconds later you should get the takeoff speed and the copilot will says rotate, that meens you have to pull the yoke to gain alttitud. And thats the regular takeoff proced, unless you are a Ryanair pilot you will takeoff saying "god help me"


Not B1
It's V1 ;)


Autocheck my friend, I hate my phone



Not entirely aviation related, but...

How I look through the "Best IF Photos" thread

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I actually do this...


These memes are as stale as my crackers.


Then your crackers must be from an unopened box.


It's a meme term-

If memes are not good and spicy, they're considered stale memes. Get out on the internet more instead of this very confined and strange "community."


Did you really think I didn't know that?


Haha it wasn't really to you but you know how there are those clueless people on this forum. They might think I'm weird comparing memes to crackers.


Ah right - gotcha. All good ;)




Haha, that's a good one!


That's so me, I literally do the missions just so I can get the airports 😂


Thus plane is too fuel efficient that it does not require engines 😂😂


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