Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


Ohhhh god. My dad says the A380 needs a toupee. Kind of funny when you think about it, though.


I laughed so hard from reading this omg


How life goes for me:

Friend: Plane geek.
Me: Music geek.
Friend: Well more people like music.
Me: Brynn and Antonio say that you’re half Shawn Mendes and half retard.
Friend: People say that you’re weird all the way.
Me: You’re homeschooled, prove it.
Friend: Well, I’ve been hearing from Anthony and Madisen.
Me: That’s it? I’m hearing from Allen, Isak, Uno, Anthony, Madisen, Gabriel, Antonio, Paityn, Julissa, Araya, and Brynn.
Friend: Let’s just play Call of Duty…
Me: So you’re admitting defeat to this argument that I’ve been winning so far?
Friend: How many people work in planes (aviation industry), SIRI?
Siri to Wikipedia: 61 Million
Friend: Doesn’t seem like too many people work in planes (aviation industry).
Me: Hey Siri, how many people work with Shawn Mendes?
Siri to Wikipedia: N/A
Friend: (Asking Siri desperately) Uhm, how many people work with music?
Siri to Wikipedia: N/A
Me: Not even the Wiki knows, ha.
Friend: Walks away


Ugh. I hate it when people pull the
“Well more people know about [insert topic]!”


I was playing IF during lunch at my school and this kid sat next to me and said

"hi!! You like PeARBuS380s too??

I’m DeAd


Got 4 stories in the past 2-3 months.

I posed a riddle: You are stuck on an island with a rowboat and a plane with no petrol (because there’s aviation fuel). You know how to fly the plane. Which one do you take?
Classmate with whom I talk with sometimes only: (gets it right)
Friend who is usually smart enough to solve these: (Chooses the boat)
I’m like what plane uses petrol (besides the early ones which anyways shouldn’t be able to fly in the 21th century)??

Same friend, different story:
Me (gets reminded about a documentary on the 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash, which in turn reminds me of the LOT plane incident)
Me (asks him if he knows about the LOT plane which landed without the gears down)
Him: Can’t they keep the gear down always?
Me: That would create drag.
Him: They could say that it’s in the name of safety.
Me: The gear would be ripped off.
Him: They could make it stronger.
Me: (Frustrated)

Different classmate
Me (sees a plane with an orangish tail, probably an Air India)
Classmate (walks up to me and remarks): Isn’t that a Lufthansa?
Me (ignores)

On the radio:
RJ (Radio Jockey) (poses a question, asking what gas is filled in plane tyres)
Me (thinks in my head): Nitrogen
Caller 1 (Call somehow gets cut)
Caller 2: Methane
Me (Isn’t that flammable?)
After a while the RJ said it was Nitrogen.


The father of a friend told him: ‘Look that’s a massive Boeing.’

My friend told him that it was an Embraer E195


Oh I’m gonna pose that to some of my friends 😄


Watch this and look what the reporter says about the A380


Look at the Lufthansa it’s a DC-8


My brother is a freelance journalist (he often does things about aviation incidents and aircraft development) and cannot tell planEs apart for the life of him to the point where he makes me proofread his articles to make sure the aircraft match the pictures and it was rather quite hilarious when he said the a340 was the largest passenger plane to fly.


I had one problem where it said:

An aircraft was flying to 25000 feet at 5500 feet per minute, how long will it take to reach 25000 feet if it was at 15000 feet

I wanted to write as the awnser: it will never get there as they will stall out.


If you hop on a 787 at 340knots you can climb with that VS


Well in IF, but idk if that could happen in real life


I think it can. If you go at a higher speed you climb more with the same pitch


My grandma went on Southwest Airlines and I told her to ask the flight attendant what plane they were on and she said the first flight attendant she asked didn’t know (face palm) the next one said she was on a b737-800. Lol an F.A. Didn’t know the plane there on when they only have 737 variants

Also I was on a swa flight and I asked him what plane were on and he said a 737-800 and he said “it’s really big” (I think he thought I was one of the little kids who think every plane is a a320) And I was like umm no there are a lot bigger and he just walked away lol


My mum thought a 747 can land at London City Airport…

inhales deeply



I found the Flat Earther of aviation

This guy thinks that because the 747-8 is 250 feet, all 747’s must be 250 feet. So he measures the original one and finds out what we all knew, the first 747 was not 250 feet.


Apparently, we’ve been lied to for a very long time. Did you know planes don’t use fuel?

I’m laughing my face off right now 😂

Oh and this one:

Just as funny


Losing brain cells while looking at the comment section. I can’t believe some people believe this!