Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


These people have obviously never seen an A380 😂





My mother in general thinks when I’m talking on the phone organising a group flight friends and making the briefing thinks I’m talking jibberish


That makes no sense.
Ian Cosgrove There are no passengers in a cargo aircraft.


All very much green screened


It’s not green-screened, just extreme parkour.


Do you have any proof of that? 😕


Yep. Look at the scene where he’s going through the ground operations/baggage area. Nobody is allowed down there and if you look really closely you can see an outline around him.


Wife: can you pick Willow up from nursery?
Me: can’t, not at home, soz
Wife: where are you??
Me: cruising comfortably at FL360 enroute to the Algarve with some sweet tailwinds
Wife: you’re an idiot

Disclaimer: of course I picked her up


Im going to the Algarve Resort in Portugal in a few weeks. Will be landing at the famous Faro Airport (LPFR)


Never trust Wikipedia:


It probably means that for the 747-400.


It shows a picture of the 747-8i, however.



Person #1: I wish we had flying cars.

Person #2: We do! They’re called planes!

You can guess what I did.


When my relatives calll the 747 a double decker/a380.


When my mom thought a 737 was on fire because of landing lights




When your sister thinks the a380 is the 747.(LOL)


friend: I bet I know more about planes than you
me: ok, can you tell me a dreamliner is?
friend: Ha thats easy
friend: Its that 7 floor plane
me: walks away

this same friend thinks that the A380 is the only plane that Airbus makes and is called just “Airbus”


HAHAHAH that’s so tru I hate that