Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


Apparently… (Personality I can think of hundreds of better ways to spend $100…)


I know right. For $100 you can get like 27 copies is Shrek on DVD. (Better than Fortnite)


playing IF
Friend: why do you always play that? Do you want to DRIVE planes when you grow up?

true story


A while back, a V-22 Osprey from Nellis was hovering over our school, and I so happened to have PE at that time.

Classmate (Non-Avgeek): Oh ship! (Not gonna say the actual word, because of the legendary FLAG!) It’s gonna shoot us and kill us all! Aaaaah!!!

Me: It’s a V-22 Osprey, It’s not armed.

Classmate: Look at that stick in front of it! That’s a… a… a Minigun!

Me: facepalm Dude, that’s not even a gun, it’s an antenna.

Classmate: I know more than about airplanes than you!

Me: deep breath, before I roast him to the core

This was before the Air Force and Marines decided to arm their Ospreys.


Me: Hey, I want you to try my favorite mobile game!
Friend Plays Infinite Flight
Me: So Great Right!?
Friend: This game sucks.


Classmate 1: How do you spell “airplane?”

Me: A-I-R-P-L-A-N-E

Classmate 1: Are you sure? I’m pretty sure it’s spelled, A-I-R-P-L-A-I-N.

Classmate 2: P-L-A-N-E is the thing that flies and P-L-A-I-N is basically flat land.

Classmate 1: I’m pretty sure it’s spelled like P-L-A-I-N and P-L-A-N-E is the flat land.

Me: Let me tell you this: you are wrong.

Classmate 1: You’re stupid.

Me: I’m an AVGEEK, so I know what I am talking about. #roasted

Classmate 1: *Knows she is roasted. Fine, whatever.


On what level of dumb do you have do be not to know how to spell Airplane? Second grade and under have an excuse, they can’t spell anythang. (Spelled anything wrong on purpose)


I am a freshman in high school and so is that classmate. smh


Ooooh I smell some 🔥s


How is this a roast. It should be common sense to know how to spell airplain…


See toward the end.

And yeah, I was surprised how my classmate, a 9th grader, does not know how to spell “airplane.”


This is something that avgeeks do but really makes me cringe, it’s a Boeing 737, NOT a Boeing B737! Only airbus and embraer have letters before the plane model. The only use of the B is if you don’t want to type out boeing, so you say B737 instead. You don’t go around saying Boeing Boeing 737…


@BoeingA320 umm… a Boeing A320? What is that?


She calls you stupid when you’re correcting her. She is wrong you’re NOT stupid.


Hey at least she got a good amount of letters and numbers in there, just a bit mixed up


A pilot says “I’m hot” and the other pilot says “well I’m not” and a crew member says “well if your hot your hot or if your not your not” get the joke of hot or not? 😆




i just saw that video im my reccomended


A video of a historcal day for the Miami Airport. The first take off EVER of an commercial A380 at this airport in June 2011. It is so funny to hear the comments of the public at the fence, especially from the 2:30 mark.


Hahaha oh dear this video made me laugh a lot.

BTW, watching from 2:30 onwards resulted in this:

many facepalms