Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


That top one I get all the time. Ugh


Yeah he played it before global


My grandfather said one of his friend of his said that “I think the A380 is the “fat one” since it’s huge” and I’m like whaaaaa?


This was a comment for Aviation Tycoon 4, a perfect example of what happens when a non-av-geek tries to play an aviation game 🤷🏼‍♂️


I hate it when I lose my maid!


I prepared his invoice:

LOL, he is a living wonder. The average brain is 0.4 * Sunway TaihuLight (world’s fastest computer. too bad we can’t harness the brain’s power for IF) theoretically and according to my estimates, he is dumber than a pocket calculator (less than 10 FLOPS vs 38 PFLOPS for the average brain)


I find the logic of this video very… um… what’s the word? Well, just watch.


I Saw Birds Strangly Staring up In The Sky at a plane.

Dad: Em’ birds are being wierd staring up into the sky.
Sister: There Planespotting Like Cameron!!!
Me: Yea, at the 737 Southwest flying overhead.


So I’m doing a math problem that asks that if a plane is at 50000 ft and descending at rate of 1100 ft per SECOND, how long will it take to reach the ground.


The good news, we’ll be landing soon. the bad news, we’re crash landing.


thats awesome thats so funny


You would hit the ground in 45.4545454545… seconds!




“Just look at that flight path, it looks like a racetrack” the news reporter commented… Dude, that is a basic holding pattern… Enormous facepalm.


Saw a few C-130s flying by our school.
Friend: Man look at these helicopters.
I lost all faith in humanity.


Im somewhat triggered by this


Kudos to @MisterButler for finding this

Video link:


(Should preface this with that I only casually play Fortnite on mobile)

Text conversation with my friend…
Friend: want to play Fortnite?
Me: ya, my flight lands in 30 somthing minuets…
Friend: Well play Fortnite for 30 something minuets…
Me: Can’t they are both on my Ipad…
Friend: Why do you eaven play that game so much?
Me: well I payed 80$ for the year so I better get my money’s worth…
Friend: You payed $80 for that dumb game!
Me: You told me at lunch today you have spent over 100 in Fortnite, who’s talking?!

That was Friday night, he never responded…


Same conversation with my dad. He said he’d stop paying for my subscriptions after I’m 16


Your friend actually spent $100 on Fortnite?!


I’ve spent over $150 on ROBLOX, so I’m not surprised 😞