Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


I don’t know who is precise but thanks.


I’m Gunna have To Do Another Fortnite Roast…

Friend: Fortnite better then IF.
Me: How?
Friend: IF teaches you to fly planes and be a nerd.
Me: Fortnite teaches you how to go to the front of the classroom and do Fortnite dances in front of the teacher.


I really hope nobody does the ‘dab’ dance. It’s really cringy. #dabisdead 😂😂😂😂😂😂


True Story: I was doing my English Testing when the “Ultimate Fortnite Player” stood up, went to the front of the classroom and did the dab, best mates and take the L. All when my teacher went to the copy machine room for another test…

Back to the topic 😂


Is your friend referring to “it” as infinite flight or fortnight? Because fortnight does not teach you how to fly planes 😂


“Whatever fan thing is deployed” is called the RAT (Ram Air Turbine), and most Boeing aircraft (including the 744) are not equipped with them. Aircraft subject to ETOPS regulations must have their APU running during ETOPS phases, but obviously this doesn’t apply to the 744.


thanks for letting me know. I am sorry about that


Noticed that, menant to put IF before teaches, my bad XD


We were just watching a documentary on the bomb dropping on Hiroshima during WWII, and during the takeoff sequence they had a cockpit shot. Let me tell you, absolutely NO instruments of ANY kind, and when it was time to rotate, he yanked the yoke. Not like the smooth rotation, It went from straight to his lap in half a second. Talk about tailstrike.


I was reading an article and this chart was in it. After finishing I scrolled down and found this:

If you can’t tell, there was a clear difference between the av-geek and the non-av-geek


I find it very difficult to believe that Kentucky produces more planes than Ohio (@Cbro4)


Agreed. I’ve been down there (when travelling south. Why would I stop in KY? 😂) and I haven’t seen any way, shape, or form in which you produce aircraft.


This is kinda funny

So I like planning airlines for fun and I was planning a fleet at school. This guy saw it and he said what’s an a320neo???


Can’t blame ‘em. They don’t know anything


Conversation I had today:

Me: Discussing Infinite Flight

Friend: Infinite Flight is NOT worth the 5 bucks it costs!

Me: Excuse me but are you out of your god dang mind?! I’ve spent like $60 on it this year alone. It’s the best simulator on mobile.

Friend: You’re crazy, that’s game is terrible.

Me: Have you even tried global?

Friend: it’s not worth it. You can’t even do emergencies! Get Extreme Landings it’s way better.

Me: Facepalms


Me: “Wow…” Looking outside on the balcony
Brother: “Why do you like planes so much?”
Me: “Because it’s something that I probably want to do when I grow up.”
Brother: “lol grow up. It’s just a thing in the sky. So what? What’s better then planes is vr, because you can simulate being inside one!”
Me: Closes the door to the balcony in front of him.

Speaking of which, this is my balcony view:


This happened a few years back before multiplayer even showed up:

I was trying to introduce my friend to the aviation world me being immature at the time and let’s just say it didn’t go too well.

Friend (after downloading Infinite Flight on his device): What is this?
Me: Infinite Flight. It is a flight simulator.
Friend: Starts a flight at KSFO with the Cessna 172. Where am I?
Me: San Francisco International Airport
Friend: 100% throttle and plane stays where it is (brakes) How come I am not moving?
Me: Your brakes are still on.
Friend: Turns off brakes and plane starts moving rapidly WEE!!!
Me: Ok, you are fast enough. Now, pull back and lift the plane off the ground.
Friend: Pulls too far back and nose lifts vertically off the ground, plane stalls, and then crashes
Friend: Deletes Infinite Flight


When i ask people what their favorite plane and they say an airline

When people look at me like im strange when i planespot


I can relate XD

This reminds me:

Friend: *Posts on their Instagram story to DM them an emoji and they will feature their favorite picture from my feed.

Me: Sends the airplane emoji.

Friend: Of course, a plane (Laughing emoji)


Ask your friend of he/she’s ever played Infinite flight.