Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


That’s happened to me when I try to share common interests to a female.


Now that’s relatable.


See, you shouldn’t do that.
When I’m around my friends, I never talk about aviation, cause I know they don’t care.
I’m suggesting you do this too…


My friend literally asked me what I like.

Best answer is airplanes XD


More YouTube Clickbait 😑


Like the quintuple decker plane?


That actually exists…Pratt and Whitney use it to test smaller engines.


WHat is THAT abomination?!


Pratt and Whitney’s new, ugly, horrifying, & weird engine testbed. Wasn’t clickbait, it does exist…


That’s how I always miss my flight


Ewww that just looks disgusting


As if there wern’t enought wings


Ooooooooooooooh, you just got proved!! ;)


That is some serious burning on Norway lol



Girlfriends brother: “this plane has got 4 engines”

Flying on a 772…🤷‍♂️


When I ask my friend how
high the actual cruise altitude for an average plane is and he says 30 km lol


Now this is click bait. Some are real but the rest are not even convincing unless your a non avgeeks.


I was sitting outside at lunch a few weeks ago. A plane passes overhead.
I had previously taught him what this plane looks like (3 engines).
Me: What is that plane?
Friend: Gimme a sec.
Friend: OOOH! It’s a McDonald-Douglas MD-11!
Me: [Facepalm] Really? I just taught you…
Friend: No, you’re wrong.
Me: McDonald is like McDonald’s. It’s a McDonnell-Douglas MD-11. [Screams internally]
He soon realized his mistake.


I thought McDonald was a fast food chain…


McDonald’s to be precise