Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


I’ve heard all your stories about Lucy, and oh boy, shes saltier than McDonald’s Fries!


I like the when everyone on the plane freaks out in panic when the flaps are being set or gear being put down lol


When It was time in class to put the date and time the test was taken, i wrote it in ZULU time and the teacher had given me a detention… Worst part is, it was a free write essay on any topic. You obviously would’ve knew my topic,


Lol sorry u got a detention but that is quite funny


Not aviation related at all.

Whenever there is a date section I always write ‘today’. No teacher has gotten mad all year yet.


This thread is funniest stories of non avgeeks, ZULU time corresponding with an aviation free write, can and will get people insane. I didnt go offtopic…


So me and my sister were shopping at American Eagle Outfitters a few days before we when on a American Eagle flight. she said right before boarding…

“oh, I had no idea that AEO had an airline, hope the clothes are cute!”



When my friend butchered Emirates so bad.


That makes me want to die.


When you have no friends at school that know anything about aviation :(


Oh my gosh same.

I have this one really supportive friend who knows nothing about aviation but she’s really interested that I’m interested and that’s the closest I’ve gotten.


Someone at school asked if I liked planes because I talk about them like three times a day. I told them I needed to start talking about planes more.


This story happens to me over and over again…

Whenever I play IF at school, someone usually comes up to me and asks, “What game is that?”. I tell them, “It’s a game called Infinite Flight.”. Their next words? “cAn YoU CrAsH?”.
My face:


Every morning in math when the teacher is rambling about stuff we already know, (VOLUME OF SHAPES?! IM IN ADVANCED MATH AND WE DID THAT IN THE 4TH GRADE) I do a quick flight usually in the Caribbean. They ask what ‘game’ it is (ItS NoT A gAmE MoM ItS a SiMuLaToR) and I say ‘infinite flight’. They ask what you do, and I say ‘you fly planes’. Usually they say ‘what happens if you crash’ or ‘are you going to be a pilot when you grow up.’ My Answers are ‘nothing really’ and ‘yes’. Then they push a bunch of random buttons and don’t realize they’re changing the camera and not doing anything really bad.

Oh well.


you know it’s funny I do not usually intend to crash but I still do it on occasion.


I am literally SO triggered at my friend right now… This is what happened.

Friend: Let me see that game…

Me: Okay… Just don’t play on multiplayer

Friend: Sure Plotting

Me: looks away for ONE second

Friend: enters TS1

Me: looks back Hey dude, NO!

Friend: full throttle

Me: yanks back phone

Me: looks at screen

Results: 10 violations and a crash


Let’s just say, that it will take me MUCH longer to get to Grade 3…


I dont know anyone in real life who loves aviation.😦


Never trust anyone non-avgeek with Infinite Flight XD

Here is mine:

Me: *Reaches cruising altitude on Infinite Flight

Friend: Can I see your iPad?

Me: Not right now, I am playing Infinite Flight.

Friend: Yeah, I want to try the game.

Me: *Knows my friend is a noob when it comes to airplanes

Me: *Also knows that I am on the expert server.

Me: What do you want to try about my game?

Friend: What does that button that says A/P do? I want to click it and see what it does.

Me: *Realizes that if my friend clicks it, it will cause the plane to go into a nosedive because it disconnects the autopilot. (my ipad was flat on the floor)

Me: Yeah, no. You are going to cause my plane to crash.

Friend: How? I’m just clicking a button!

Me: *Facepalm


I finally made a connection between people who make you guys mad and people who don’t.


It’s weird because people point to a plane at 40,000 feet and be like: “what plane is that” and I’m like “I don’t hecking know Susie I can’t see that damn far”