Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


Simlar here, in science we were watching a film about emements, and there was this story about people smuggling gold throigh an airport, and it happened in 1980somthing (you get that if you get that) and they showed a gnaric B-roll from an airposlrt that clearly showed a 777 taxying in fornt of the camera, and I yelled out “but that plane first flew in 1994!”


I talk about IF so much sometimes my homeroom teacher asks me what rout I am flying that day…


I was flying to Orlando over the summer, we landed is KMCO and there was an Emirates flight attendants on the tram to the main terminal, and my sister asked my mom what are those things on there heads (talking about to Emirates fa), and I could hear her clearly, I told her they were part of their culture and their job. I was angry at her.


That’s no t really a non-avgeek story.


Yeah but does are not my violations


Why be angry? It’s a valid question if she honestly doesn’t know the answer.


sigh here we go.

(Non avgeek) friend: so I heard your flying soon

Me: yeah

Friend: cool, I flew on a Delta last year, what plane are you on? The Deltas are really nice!

Me: faceplamThat’s the AIRLINE!

Friend: oh.


Because the way she said it and how close the fa were to her, they were in earshot of her


Me: what are 2 companies that make planes
Classmate who lives under not just a rock, but Mt Everest: Delta, Air force one, and uhhhhhh… HOW am I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THIS?!?
Me: first of all, its not even that hard, and sadly you are wrong.


Personally I love this topic because it’s where avgeek elites go to snob at the commoners


Also, that really isn’t about aviation. It’s just something of their culture.


I know it is also apart of their job


One of my friends always says that. just to annoy me


Well then


This has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen 😂



Pilot: sticks head out cockpit WHAT?!


That ramp agent is about to have a not-so pleasant day.


Google, please immediately improve your search filters


Oh my goodness

How can someone be this dumb


@C_Baccari The cockpot windows slide open.
As Such: