Funniest Aviation Memes Pt. 2


What @Boeing747-8 said…

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What @Aussie_Wombat said…

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Oh my god I can’t believe that’s a thing 😂😂


Ha ha! You got to love those extra safety precautions especially on planes!


As if adding more weight aka faster fuel burn rate is gonna help lol


Introducing the A380 whale jet! Credits @JanA380


You could call that Airbus plane a Beluga!




@Luqman_Hussain have you seen this review on infinite passengers? It’s everything we want on IF, plus some other stuff! 😂

the p.s. is longer than the review


Ohhhhhhhhh, that’s soooo bad


Ok sorry. 😔 I thought it might go down.


Just like the whale went down below the waves after this rare photo was taken


A DC-10 with no flight engineer automatically makes it a passenger plane

Also the last part of his post is the saddest thing I have seen


But I thought the MD-10 was just for passengers. The review said so…

  1. It is a DC-10, not an MD-10
  2. My mistake, but still a stupid review


Any Airline: Hoping you get home on time and comfortably
Airlines Tracking

Allegiant: Hoping you get home



I know the United incident was WAY in the past but I saw this and had to share.


999th post! 😨images


Nice, but I did one better, literally, 1000th post…