Funniest Aviation Memes Pt. 2



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All credits go to ATCMemes


Check out this new Spirit ad!o-SPIRIT-570

not really a “new” ad


Lol, When your KC-10 runs outta fuel:



Yo, I heard you like KC-10s, so I put a KC-10 on a KC-10


I love this one!


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Yeah, I remember that one, that was a good one. The countless times I’ve used this with my teachers tho. And then they just say to do my work


Happened to me today. Hit the ground at 600 feet per minute when I flared too early and dropped. Thanks a lot head wind. I had someone wave their flaps at me at parking, ugh.


Actually, it isn’t duct tape, but a sort of high tech matenince mask used for small repairs. It is about $100 a roll, and can withstand tempatures up to 100 degrees in both directions. (Negitave)


Well of course it’s not duct tape. If it was, i’m sure that their would be some sort of law suit or something.


this meme was made by me!


Southwest Uniform December 2017:

Spirit Uniform December 2017 (new budget uniform)


That is truly dank!! I think we need a “Dank Aviation Memes” Thread now! lol jk


That looks like a caveman’s dress!


I wish there was though lol


Deal with it haters

(This is not off topic guys, I’m just too lazy to turn it into a meme)


audible gasp

OMG I wish this was true