Funniest Aviation Memes Pt. 2


Even funnier to me: the subtitles are correct and the text is wrong. Now a non-avgeek will be like “which one do I trust?” at least for half a minute.


I don’t wanna be on that plane, sounds like my first landings in IF


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just so you know I deleted it because of the cuss, I might re upload a version with it blurred out or something


😂Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha😂 Funny AF, and so true 😂


Yeah. I don’t want you to have a moderator chasing you down




GUCCI meme, i like it ;)


But the Space Shuttle can’t fly to the moon…




Well yeah… it’s one waypoint.


I don’t understand the “what people think”


Basicly yo sum it up for you, people think Im winging it going COMPLETELY off the normal flight patterns to go straight into go where they need to go. the “what people think” was exaggerated, but bascily people think im winging it and saying


EDIT: the “flight plan” on that part was actually supposed to say “FLIGHT PATH” but I accidently typed “flight plan” maybe that will help you understand it better




That’s me and other players in the Expert server when there is a mod or developer nearby…


Really on all servers. I felt like that when I was on approach to SFO 28L and I see Laura holding short so I freaked out


Allegiant is my airline HOW DARE YOU!


Goes under the water paint rubs off… 😂