Funniest Aviation Memes Pt. 2


You clearly have no humor, you’re not the only one


The point is the fact that I posted a picture of a snail and he told me to open that fake link.


Since no one posted this yesterday, might as well post it now.


That is like when WestJet painted their plane to be like Air Canada


That actually was the whole joke behind what I said, the whole keeping emergency a secret thing, I wonder how many people besides you actually got that


That is a visual concept of European Airline Competition



But meanwhile in Air New Zealand:





You are a legend Andrew for that😂


I dont get it, what am I missing


How pilots and passengers look up at flight attendants asking which drink they prefer?


Yeah, it has to be flown up to like FL50 to be detached off a B52s wing


51 PM
New stealth tech

Found this at PDX on Google Maps


Haha that’s funny kind of


He teaches people how to differentiate them but he happens to know it wrong. He is misinforming people. He better learns how to spot the differences first then making a video to show it.

I laughed so hard 😂😂.


FL50? Are you sure about that?


I think I mistaked it. What I mean is 50,000+


thank you (: really appreciate it!


happens to me all time.
made by me