Funniest Aviation Memes Pt. 2




More like “Ladies and gentlemen ah… we’ll… eh… will be on the ground very shortly. 😂


XD Nice one bro, :P really good



What’s that last Aircraft called?


It’s the X-15, pretty beast aircraft


I wouldn’t call it an ‘aircraft’ I’d call it more of an in-atmosphere rocket, but still, the thing is a beast.


Technically an aircraft, technically a rocket, but we call can agree it’s a beast look at this, just how??!!


Imagine sitting in that thing going mach5 over the earth.


Sorry @Qantas747400 I just had to add on.



No one technically can beat this (light speed)

If you want to read up about it, search nothing is faster than light (Albert Einstein)


You were saying @Wattsup_jet


Yikes that’s hard to beat but I bet you can’t beat this @Qantas747400!


Please post this at



That is even a thing??


Link doesn’t work @AndrewRG10


It isn’t meant to…


Thats Ryanair for ya!


No Ryanair would brag about an emergency so if they landed they would look like a good airline.

Real airlines like Qantas, United and Singapore would keep the passengers calm until they know they are screwed. Eg Qantas 32 they kept the plane calm but then panic rose cause the plane was probably gonna crash


Then what’s the point of the link?