Funniest Aviation Memes Pt. 2


Just thought this up

Made by me


This may be an old post, but you forgot the classic BA A380!!




My personal favorite,



Could you explain this one? I don’t get it.


In DM or Here? Do you know what FOD is?

EDIT: Taken up in DM :)


Yes I know this meme was already posted but let’s take some time to remember the 1st ever meme on the IFC


Approaching Corfu


Just got done controlling at KEWR, total madness.


I made this


Just made it minutes ago, no regrets.

Ended flight with 49 kgs of fuel.


Did you land at you planned destination?


Now that is what we call fuel efficiency!


I got a wall seat on a flight from LHR-EWR once. Oh and my TV didn’t work either when everyone else did!


Yep sir, it was a EDDM - Munich to London city - EGLC

@Cole_Collins Haha, pro players like challenge 😏


Already posted a few days ago.


I know. I’ve got so many memes I’m not sure which ones have been posted and which ones I’ve found.


My personal favorite! Apologize if it’s already been posted.


a similar variant of it is posted quite early in this thread. But it still makes me laugh, and that’s all that matters


From ATC memes

It’s a Cessna 404