Funniest Aviation Memes Pt. 2


Normally plane spotters use one really good camera, not a bunch of junky looking ones…


Made by me.




I never knew the A-10s grandpa was still alive, I thought he went to the graveyard, but glad to see he is still up and flying πŸ˜‚



As someone who plays fsx I can safely say that it is absolutely correct. Not to mention the song that is played by default is awful.


WHAAAT!! I love the music! Probably because I just heard so much that I think I forced myself to love it.


One of the greatest things I learned was how to turn off the music in FSX…



Kinda old meme but I thought it fit in with what is going on now!


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HOW IT FEELS TO CHEW 5 GUM…. Nothing wrong with it to me.


Da da-da-da DAAAAAAA. So true, especially when your parents are asleep. πŸ˜‘


That happened to me once and my dad came to my room to see what happened. He told me to go to bed only to see that he sat in my seat and started playing.


So true! Made by me


When you are booked on a Air Berlin flight next year but they are bankrupt

Air Berlin =❌

My reaction




fond memories. fond memories. Until my computer died… too lazy to reinstall now I have another windows computer after a couple of years of hand-me-down OS X


This doesn’t make sense at all! πŸ˜•


Credits to for the bottom part of the pic.


It’s like Christmas morning :)