Funniest Aviation Memes Pt. 2


😂 me every day. It would be worse if you were in fornt of Moderators. 😳


Me when I heard Laura posted the update to Apple!!: 😱 Then I fainted. I can’t believe it’s actually happening


Man I love Poland ball/country ball thanks for posting that


Wait there’s more people… I thought it was just me



Lol, i found these on google images, XD


I don’t get it :/

Can you explain me?


You know how Microsoft Cortana helps with “hands-free usage” and all that stuff on Windows 10, right? Here the pilots are basically using a plane “hands-free”. TBH, it didn’t make me laugh as well. :-|


And Airbus is so fully automated that it is like windows 10


Boeing too :p

I understand now


I’m gonna be honest… I don’t get it.


In the world’s population, there are 2 (3 I fall you count ed’s Find) planes in the population


The 2nd image
The 1st image

Sorry, should have put these in the first time. :P


I think the price of global is perfectly reasonable but I know some people will disagreee.


It is definitely reasonable! All the things they have to support makes it well worth the price (I know I’m straying slightly off-topic)


I said it was reasonable. Look below the meme.


Yeah I was just agreeing with you 🙃


Both are by me


Made by me


I love the price. I thought that the price would have been higher. If you go the the Global update on short final thread, many people are hating the price and I don’t see why.


Oh. I thought you were disagreeing with me. Sorry about that.