Funniest Aviation Memes Pt. 2


Meme by me
Picture by Martin Morkowski
And posted in the IFC at first by @HEYEY.


From : atcmemes


Clear for take off!!

400X160 ft runway 😂


Lol! Where is that? What airport?


I think it’s EHBX it’s in the Amsterdam region though


Ok. Thank you so much!


I managed it. 😉


I don’t believe you.


It’s a helipad for Beverwijk Hospital

What did I just watch??


Where’s the screen recording 😂
Not too convinced about that attempt


You watched a 747 land at EHBX. ITS CALLED AWESOMENESS


Slew mode confirmed 2017


I know this isn’t Aviation related but I think it’s kinda funny




So you thought an 748 at EHBX was amazing? Watch this:
A380-800 at EHBX.


Nice nose gear collapse lol. The A380 must’ve been remotely controlled with its cabin fully stripped out to land at that speed! Might as well be missing a few spoilers as well…


When you’re holding short and someone crashes on landing.



Oh lol that gets me every time. That is actually exactly what happens though 😂


Oh lol Wombat what happened there 🤣
Those passengers must have been frightened!