Funniest Aviation Memes Pt. 2


Let’s be honest here, no one’s gonna scroll through 500+ messages just to see if their meme has been posted. A lot of memes are still good the second time round. ;)


Well, they should know that should’ve been posted already


Let’s be honest here, there is no point to post and don’t look at previous memes, on a MEME topic.


I always have a “LOT” of fun flying this aircraft


Oh man that pun made my stomach upset. jk It was pretty creative.


I think that is more of a pun…


ehh, I can’t post that in the lounge topic, so I thought I’d post it here, 1 post isnt going to hurt someone is it?


of all the quality in here, and yes… there is some good ones for sure… this one made me LOL


ZomboMeme 30092017000230
Changed it a bit


Made by Wazo Plumé (me)


Yes, that has come to my senses.


Made by myself. Hoping everyone knows who Bear Grylls is right?


Yes I think most of us do. If not he basically survives in the wild and has a TV show about it



possibly the greatest meme of all time


I don’t understand it…


It’s a joke about all the people who are like :

Bla bla RC1 mean nothing bla bla it still can have some problem bla bla…


But mehThis is fine 30092017001100



LoL 😂
Best meme ever.